Every walk down the aisle, every ‘phera’ around the fire or every ‘qubool hai’ may not even be a ‘happily’ ever after. When over one in three marriages ends in divorce, staying together ‘til death do us part’ seems unrealistic. With that in mind, couples are consciously consider entering contract marriage instead… the one that comes with an expiry date. Contract marriage is the latest fad that has hit the matrimonial scenario and is soon catching up amongst the masses. For the present age couple, marriage may be on the cards, but conditions apply! We tried reaching out to some of television popular faces to understand their views on the term ‘Contract Marriage’. Let’s see what they have to say:-

Shubhangi Atre, Angoori Bhabhi of &TV’s Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai
If I was given the chance to get into a contract marriage, I would like to do so with the heartthrob of Bollywood Salman Khan. The key clause that I will incorporate in my marriage agreement will be that Salman Khan needs to take me on bicycle ride twice a week (laughs). (Also Read: REVEALED! The mystery behind shoes hanging around Salman Khan’s neck in Tubelight poster – read exclusive details)


Farnaz Shetty, Manu of &TV’s Waaris
I would definitely love to explore the concept of Contract Marriage. If I get a chance, I would like to get into a contract marriage with the Hollywood sensation Al Pacino. The clause that in my marriage will be – love me like I do.


Tasneem Sheikh, Sindoora Mittal of &TV’s Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi
I personally find contract marriage a very interesting concept. In my life, I would like to go for a contract marriage with the king of romance Shah Rukh Khan. My clause in the contract will be that at whatever age our contract marriage ends, he needs to give me that much percent of his money as alimony.


Aarti Singh, Amba of &TV’s Waaris
Being a firm believer of marriage as a sacred bond, I am not too comfortable with the concept of Contract marriage. If you ask me who I would like to get married to, it would have to be Salman Khan… without any contract as I am sure we’ll be happily married (Laughs). However, hypothetically speaking, if given a chance, I would be interested in getting into a contract marriage with the owner of Gucci or Versace and my clause with them would be to get the first stock of their products and then put them on sale. (Also Read: Salman Khan’s mom has a special connection to Tubelight, find out what) 


Saumya Tandon, Anita Bhabhi of &TV’s Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai
I don’t believe in conditional relationships so contract marriage is completely out of question. Marriage is only a legal paper if it doesn’t have love or commitment, it has no value. Marriage with agenda is a bad idea. To fulfil any objective or reason or agenda I will never marry. I am of the other extreme, I feel there is no need of marriage unless one has found someone you want to spend your life with and start a family. Just for fun sake hypothetically I could marry ummmm naaaa not marry but may be hook up with the young Clint Eastwood, he is great actor director and producer and would make him cast me as the leading lady in the film he directs.


Akshay Dogra, Jagan of &TV’s Waaris
I am a happily married man but if hypothetically speaking if I had to get into a contract marriage with someone I would choose Scarlett Johansson as she is my favorite actress from Hollywood and I loved her acting in Avengers. And my clause in the contract would include her to wear her Avenger costume whenever we go out (Laughs).


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