The internet is amused by Salman Khan’s ‘I am innocent’ statement that he’s made with reference to the long impending 1992 blackbuck poaching case. The 51 year old actor appeared in the Jodhpur court this afternoon along with his co-accused Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Bendre, Tabu, Neelam and pleaded saying he was “falsely accused” and that the blackbuck died due to natural causes.” Now we dunno what judgement the court is going to pass over this statement. But haters gonna hate, Salman seems to be very confident as he arrived back in the city with much courage and style. Yes, we have just got our hands on these pictures of Salman exiting the Kalina airport an hour back. Check it out!

According to NDTV, Salman was made to answer 65 questions with reference to the night of the death of two blackbucks. In his statement, the actor recorded that he has been falsely accused by the Forest Department officials and that he was in his hotel room, along with others. During his interrogation, present at the court were 28 witnesses. Among the witnesses, many were even the members of the Bishnoi tribe, who reportedly chased the actor after the two blackbucks were shot dead. However in his statement, Salman claimed that the witnesses have been arranged by the forest department to claim publicity out of the situation.






It has been almost 19 years since this incident happened. But now with all the proceedings moving so rapidly in a view to close the case, we wonder if Salman will soon be acquitted in the blackbuck poaching case just like how he escaped the Arms Act case earlier this month and of course, the infamous 2002 hit and run case. What do you think? Drop your thoughts in the comments below and keep watching this space for more updates on this hot story.