When we talk about a Salman Khan film, we are talking crores here. Anything less than that is unheard of and unfathomable now. He promises dividends at the box office which can only be challenged by Aamir Khan. Last year too, with Dangal, he managed to leave Sultan behind. After a fairly decent first quarter of 2017, all praying eyes are on Tubelight and Baahubali. So we thought of finding out, if both the films make it happen as is expected, how much Bollywood stands to gain and the amount is staggering. Together, they can bring in nearly Rs 800 crores! (Also read: Salman Khan’s Tubelight teaser to be attached with Baahubali 2 Hindi version?)

Let us tell you how. We had spoken to our trade expert Akshaye Rathi before to know how much Baahubali 2 stands to earn when it releases on April 28. He had said, “Baahubali 2 is going to come and sweep the box office like a Tsunami in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and every other language. I feel that Baahubali 2 will easily make Rs 200 crore in the Hindi version alone. And if we add all the version, then it is going beyond Rs 500 crore India nett. box office collection. Rs 400 crore is sure shot, but it can potentially go past Rs 500 crore too.” When we spoke to him again to take his inputs regarding Tubelight, the poster of which released today, Rathi said that the film has the potential to earn Rs. 300 crore easily because it has the winning combination of Salman and Kabir Khan.

As for profits, both the films have already pocketed a section of their investment even before its release. Tubelight has already made Rs. 227 crore by selling the theatrical distribution, satellite and music rights. Baahubali 2 has raked in Rs 500 crore in terms of distribution and theatrical rights. The movie will release in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi and for each of its version, distributors have paid a record price. As per figures presented by Ramesh Bala, Trade Analyst, the Hindi version, (that will be distributed by Karan Johar) has fetched a whopping Rs 120 crore, The Tamil version has raked in Rs 47 crore, and the Karnataka rights, Rs 45 crore and Kerala rights, a record-breaking Rs 10 crore. The Telugu rights of all states together have minted Rs 130 crore. Internationally, the North American rights have fetched a whopping Rs 45 crore. The cost of US distribution rights is yet to be disclosed. Apart from this, its satellite rights have also added to his enormous amount – The Hindi dubbed version has been snapped at Rs 51 crore, while the original Telugu version at Rs 26 crore. This magnum opus is clearly going places already.