Is it the same show that once gave us badass entertainment or has it become a soap opera that has fail jokes by the four celebs who have been roped in? Well, sadly it has become the latter, thanks to dull and boring content. So this “rising” version of the show definitely has dropped quite a lot of standards that were initially set by the earlier hosts. By that we obviously mean Raghu and Raghav. ever since they’ve bid their farewells to the show, the badassness of the show has dropped tremendously. By each season, the whole feel of the show did keep failing to live upto our expectations but this season seems far worse than the others. It’s more like a soap opera where there’s a woman (Neha Dhupia) who is trying hard to crack jokes which might make her look witty. The boys who are mentors panel are Karan Kundra, Rannvijay Singha and Prince Narula try hard to create some fun but to no avail.

The contestants have already been shortlisted and it’s more like India’s Got Talent and less of Roadies. There are people showcasing their talents as dancers, MMA artists, acting and a lot more. But what’s the purpose of that? Earlier the audition tapes would reek of nasty comments, entertainment, jokes, jibes, disses and more. This season, you’ll be immersed in a show that has no connection to the previous seasons. You’ll agree with us on that one as there’s lack of drama and more of television serial effects. By that we mean Indian television serials. Now you see what the show’s level has stooped to?

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Although tomorrow’s episode seems to be full of violence, confrontation and anger, the first episode was simply not fun. A lot has changed and a lot seems lacking. The four panelists are conducting the most boring interviews with the contestants. Harbhajan Singh is this sweet judge who likes to add some spunk to the show. Yes, he reads the people who come in the room really well but that’s about it. Even his twists are dull and have no spark whatsoever. Maybe the first lot of contestants that they received weren’t lively, maybe the show will pick up from it’s second episode. That will air tomorrow so if you’re game for a show with less drama and more television serial effects then be our guest.

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