Although Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone quashed all breakup rumours by walking hand in hand at Ambani’s bash a couple of days back but looks like Ranveer is still unsure about making their relationship official. Probably he wants Deepika’s consent before he does that but it was quite strange how during his Koffee With Karan season 5 episode along with Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer made sure he doesn’t even mention Deepika’s name. Now is it because he was conscious he’s sharing the couch with Ranbir who also happens to be Deepika’s ex or what? You decide after watching the episode. Also read: Koffee With Karan 5: Ranveer Singh calls Deepika Padukone a marriage material

However, every time Karan initiated a topic about Deepika or say for that matter even when he straightaway asked Ranveer – single or committed and the latter zipped his lips. He refused to confirm anything, despite Karan probing twice or thrice. But with that said, Ranveer did make confessions on how he thinks he’s the best boyfriend in the world and how his ideal goal is to go back to his woman at the end of the day. In fact, during the rapid fire round, Ranveer even tagged Deepika as the ultimate marriage material when Karan asked him to choose between Deepika, Katrina and Anushka under the kill-marry-hook up section. Also read: That awkward moment when Ranveer apologised to Ranbir and said he wants to hook up with Katrina

Not to mention, right in the beginning of the episode Karan even tricked Ranbir and Ranveer over the fact that Deepika’s Ranbir’s ex and now Ranveer’s current so how do they balance their relationships? But Ranveer casually stirred it clear saying history doesn’t bother him and it never will. Ranbir too added in agreement stating his split with Deepika is a thing from the past which happened almost 7-8 years back so it’s high time everyone moves over it. It’s almost invisible, disappeared, and today all three hang out as friends. Add to that, Ranbir even expressed his wish to see Ranveer and Deepika make awesome babies together!

Now if this doesn’t sum up everything for you about Ranveer Deepika and Ranbir then I dunno what will. Catch the episode tonight and do come back to BollywoodLife for more updates on hot scoops from Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh’s episode of Koffee With Karan season 5…