Last night Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh left for Dubai to attend the Esquire Awards 2016. Both the actors had their style statement on point. At the awards ceremony, Deepika was bestowed upon with International Woman of the Year Awards, Ranveer was given the International Man of the Year Awards. Now that is called a power couple. But the most awesome moment of the evening came when Ranveer placed a peck on Deepika’s cheeks as head to the stage to collect the award. OMG! That is so cute. Such a big blow to all the haters. You know who you all are.


Ranveer Singh Kisses Deepika Padukone on winning international Man of the year award!! #EsquireME @RanveerOfficial @deepikapadukone

— POP Diaries (@Popdiarieslive) November 29, 2016

Ranveer’s winning speech was pure gold at the event. “I assure you that I am merely a work in progress as a man. I promise you that the best of this man is yet to come. But for the moment if you truly want to see a man at his best -meet me five shots down at the dance floor at the afterparty. Ladies and gentleman it is officially party time. I will see you on the dance floor.” he said in his speech. Ranveer does know how to steal the show. Doesn’t he?


#esquireme #MAHBawards @EsquireME part of #RanveerSingh speech

— شيماء السيد (@ShaimaAlSayed) November 29, 2016

Ranveer who usually goes all out when it comes to OOTD, looked like he held back a little given the ambience of the event. He looked dapper AF in his black blazer. Deepika also chose not to wear a gown, and sported a more casual but stylish look. Have a look at these pics-


#New pics : International woman of the year – #DeepikaPadukone at the Esquire Awards 2016 @deepikapadukone

— Deepika P Universe (@deepika_fashion) November 29, 2016

Let’s talk about the lovely kiss more. Isn’t that just truly the definition of romance? Ranveer might have held back from admitting his relationship with Deepika on the recent episode of Koffee with Karan, but this gesture at the Esquire Awards does say everything. And if you are hoping that the two make awesome babies, you might get in trouble with the man!

Ranbir Kapoor recently commented on the chat show Koffee with Karan that he hopes Ranveer and Deepika make awesome babies together. Ranveer was sitting right next to him, and it needs no reminding that years ago Ranbir dated Deepika and keeping their relationship public didn’t quite work out for them. Maybe Ranveer and Deepika are doing a good thing by not speaking about their dating scene publicly.

Anyway congrats to Ranveer and Deepika on their award win! More power to you.