Fourth episode of Koffee With Karan season five was by far the best and the most explosive episode. Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor complimented each other very well. One was calm and other was all over the places. There were many laugh out loud moments in the episode. And few tounge in cheek humour as well. Lot has been said about the rivalry between Ranbir and Ranveer, which is mostly due to the fact that they both have a common factor in Deepika Padukone. Ranbir Kapoor used to date her and Ranveer Singh is currently dating her. So when Karan Johar asked them if it’s too good to be true that two of the most sought after actors share such a good rapport. Ranbir was quick to answer saying he and Ranveer are not best friends and  in fact they are on the show because Karan Joahr invited them. Adding to that Ranbir said he loves Ranveer’s work and thinks he is a good actor. Ranveer too was quick in his reponse and said that they are not competing, he further added that he is not competetive and is just happy for the fact that he is getting good work.

This statement of Ranbir Kapoor was further solidfied when during the rapid fire round Ranbir was asked by Karan to name three actors he’d take on his Bachelor’s. Ranbir quickly named Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Aditya Roy Kapur. To this Ranveer, who was visibaly heartbroken, asked why not him? And this was one of the best moments of the show as Ranbir Kapoor was left with a blank face. He just couldn’t answer anything.

So now we know the two young superstars sure share a cordial relation with each other but are not best friends. They don’t hang out much and Ranveer is surely not invited to Ranbir’s  bachelor’s as and when it happens.