During the highly entertaining episode of Koffee With Karan season five, Karan Johar asked Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh about their love life and their relationship status. While Ranveer initially refused to acknowledge his relationship status. Ranbir was candid in confessing that he is single and it’s not good. He said being single is boring, lonely and how one constantly wants some form of flattery. One craves for love. And he believes in give and take relationship as far as love is concerned. Later in the discussion, Ranbir also said that he doesn’t miss physical attraction as far as relationship is concerned but he surely misses companionship. And strongly believes he’s going to fall deeply and madly in love, as and when it happens.

Ranveer on the other side seemed pretty confident about love as he said he is a giver and considers himself as the best boyfriend in the world. He is pretty clear about relationships. Either he is not into it or too much in it. He doesn’t get jealous as a boyfriend or insecure. He goes all out in loving, caring and being affectionate. In fact he shows possesiveness just for the effect of it. Also read: Ranbir Kapoor on his relationship with Ranveer Singh: We are not BEST FRIENDS!

Thing to be noted here is Ranveer Singh, while initially refuses to acknowledge his relationship, later spoke about it in length. Ranbir also made it clear that it doesn’t matter to them that Deepika was dating him as it was seven  to eight years back and they have hung out as a group. He also said that he thinks Ranveer is a great actor and Ranveer Singh returned the favour saying that Ranbir Kapoor was the ultimate bechmark for young actors, which also includes Ranveer himself.