Rumored couple Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon‘s sizzling chemistry caught everyone’s attention in the recently released trailer of ‘Raabta‘ but we all failed to notice Rajkummar Rao in it. Remember an ageing, bald, tattooed man who surfaces towards the end of the trailer, well that’s Rajkummar. Yes! We are as surprised as your are. The ‘Trapped’ actor took to twitter today to unveil his look from the film and we are shocked. Is he the new master of disguise or what? I mean just look at him. He is looking ridiculously unrecognizable in the pictures. Who would have imagined that there could be a handsome actor behind those wrinkles. Gosh! This is perhaps the best transformation that we have ever seen in Indian cinema after Amitabh Bachchan’s in Paa.

Here’s is his tweet – 

And here is my Guest appearance from #Raabta.

— Rajkummar Rao (@RajkummarRao) April 21, 2017

Some more pictures of him just to be sure that it’s actually him – 

Picture Credit : Mid-Day


This is the scene we all missed to notice in the trailer – 


And it was not just Rajkummar’s look that had to be taken care of. Everything from his body posture, voice modulation, accessories to tattooees, had to be worked upon. A profession team from London was brought on board for the film. We hear that Director Vijan, producer Homi Adajania and Rajkumar sat down with the creative team for weeks to finalize his look. It took them 16 look tests to finally lock the final one. Rajkummar plays a 324-year-old man in the reincarnation based lovestory and his is perhaps the only common character that cuts through centuries. The makers could not think of any other actor to pull this small yet significant character.

The actor underwent five to six hours of prosthetic every day. Not to mention that his styling took another few hours. But Rajkummar enjoyed the process and has no complains. Says Rajkummar, “I did this friendly appearance for Dinoo (Vijan) and Homi. It was too much fun. Dinoo gave me a lot of freedom as an actor. The prosthetic make-up would take hours to put on and take off. I sweat profusely under a thick layer of make-up. It needed quite a bit of patience.”

“Rajkummar was kind enough to do me a favour. It was tedious but, he patiently sat through it everyday. I think, the idea of the prosthetics making him completely unrecognisable excited him as an actor,” said Vijan in a statement. Raabta will hit the screens on 9th June and we can’t wait for the mystery to unfold.