The clash between Raees and Kaabil is the first one this year. It has begun this phenomena and from looks of it, we already know who’s getting the upperhand. Shah Rukh Khan’s film is of course gaining good numbers, thanks to his large sea of fans. With 2900 screens, the film is getting good numbers. But we have to agree here is that Raees so a formidable opponent in Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil. The film received really good reviews and buoyed by such feedback, the film claimed heights upon release. Even a mighty Shah Rukh Khan couldn’t derail it from its course. Both the films are poised to earn more at the box office. (Also read: Hrithik Roshan HITS back at team Raees with grace, no mud slinging at Shah Rukh Khan- watch video!)

With 70-80 percent occupancy on its first day, Raees posted some commendable figures on Day 1 which was Rs. 20.42 crore. Next day was a holiday and the Trade was expecting big numbers but they weren’t ready for what they saw on the card. Shah Rukh’s film earned whopping Rs. 26.30 crore on R-Day, making it the highest numbers on that day.  So as of now, the film is going great guns and Saturday-Sunday is expected to be bigger. Even in the overseas, the film has collected over Rs. 14 crore in three days which again is a big sum.

Kaabil on the other hand had a good opening with more than Rs. 10 crore coming its way. R-day gave it a big boost and another Rs. 18.67 was added to its tally. Third day brought in Rs. 9.77 crore. That has put the sum total of the film at Rs. 38.87 crore. Despite less number of screens, the film is doing brisk business and that deserves applause. It is because of the content of the film. Kaabil has received much better reviews than Raees. In fact, the word of mouth about the film’s content is better than SRK’s film. That has surely made this film stay steady at the box office even when there a bigger superstar opposite him. But we cannot deny the fact that the gap is pretty huge. (Also read: Amitabh Bachchan feels humbled that Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees and Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil pay homage to him)

It will be interesting to see what happens to the films in the coming days as that will decide the lifetime collection of the film.