Something strange in happening at the box office. Shah Rukh Khan‘s Raees took the lead from the start at the box office when released alongside Hrithik Roshan‘s Kaabil. But now it seems the gap between the two is closing up rapidly. Let us tell you how. It was a no-brainer that a SRK film will definitely get a bigger opening. Earning over Rs. 20 crore with just 2900 screens is a really awesome number. Kaabil took a Rs. 10. 43 cr opening which is also massive given the fact that it only had 2200 screens. That also established a huge gap between the two in terms of box office collections. January 26 numbers further widened the gap when Raees earned Rs. 26.30 cr and Kaabil made Rs. 18.67 cr. The sum total also saw a huge diversity. While SRK’s film crossed the Rs. 50 cr mark in just three days, Hrithik’s film had to wait for one more day to make it happen. In both the days, the films were almost Rs. 7-9 cr away from each other but Jan 28 changed it all!

After the Republic Day, the figures of both the films dropped as was expected. So SRK’s film took in Rs. 13.11 cr while Kaabil made Rs. 9.77 cr. The gap came down to 3-4 crore overnight and now it’s getting narrower and narrower. Yesterday’s figures have brought the films further close to each other . Raees earned Rs. 15.61 cr and Kaabil brought in Rs. 13.54 cr. You can see it clearly here that there is hardly more than 2 crore difference between the two. Now coming to the total. While Raees has earned Rs. 75.44 crore in four days, Kaabil collected Rs. 52.41 crore. There isn’t much difference here either. Now it all depends on the Sunday figures to decide the fate of both the films.

Even Trade feels in the coming days, Kaabil will easily come close to Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees. It might not earn more than Raees but it won’t lag too far behind. Should SRK be alarmed about this?