The journey that started on October 16 last year is finally coming to an end in two days for the grand finale of Bigg Boss 10 is scheduled to take place on January 29. Like every year, this season of Salman Khan’s show too saw it’s fair share of controversies, drama and entertainment. From Om Swami throwing his pee on Bani J and Rohan Mehra to Priyanka Jagga being thrown out of the house by none other than Salman, we witnessed moments that will not be forgotten in many years to come. On one hand, where Lopamudra Raut and Bani J took their animosity to a new level with every passing day, on the other there were Manveer Gurjar and Manu Punjabi displaying a brotherhood, which we haven’t seen in a long time. So while Bani, Lopa, Manveer and Manu compete with each other for the trophy, here’s taking a look at some of the incidents that summed up Bigg Boss 10 for us. Take a look:

The controversies kick-started right from the pilot episode of Bigg Boss 10 that featured Deepika Padukone as a special guest. Everyone who watched the premiere show felt a unanimous sense of creepiness coming from Swami Om, who entered the house first with Lopa. Could be the way he talked about women and their bodies or marriage. This reached its peak when he was speaking (almost bragging) to Deepika, who entered the house, about how he assaulted actress Elizabeth Hurley because her dress was too revealing. Padukone managed to leave the house without losing her cool, but her raised eyebrows and shocked silence said it all.


We were made to believe that having a character like Swami on the country’s biggest reality show was a laughable matter, and major thanks to Salman, who was tripping on the self-styled Godman in the initial one month. And we don’t blame him. The ridiculous things, like his claims on walking on water and saving India from missile attack, that came out of Swami’s mouth could make anyone go all ROFL, but then all of it changed when the man started showing his true colours and did some character assassination of the women of the house, not once, but many times. Not just that, he also made some highly objectionable and insensitive comments, that he quickly became the most hated person on the face of this planet with every person wanting to punch him. And that also includes Salman, who came to realise that he was wrong when he thought that this guy makes for good TV. ALSO READ: Manveer Gurjar is the WINNER of Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 10


Bigg Boss without fights would have been like a bird without wings. Bani and Lopa didn’t get along and got into arguments at the drop of a hat. And so did Manveer and Rohan, who used to find excuses to get into a war of words. This one time, their verbal spat got so intense that homophobic comments were made by Manveer, while Rohan went on to pass insensitive remarks on Manveer’s community. Just as we thought that the fights couldn’t get any more ugly, we saw Lopa and Bani coming to fists and blows recently. It was a cat-fight, which we haven’t seen in the history of Bigg Boss. Such is this show, that it even got someone like Lokesh Kumari Sharma lose her cool on Navin Prakash during a task. And not to forget the moment when Rohan did what everyone wanted to do. He slapped Om Swami during the task.


The viewers also got to witness some highly emotional moments too. Surely everyone cried when Manveer’s father, who didn’t speak to him from last eight years, entered the house spent some time with his son after a very long time. We felt like crying again when Manu had to leave the house owing to his mother’s demise, and when Bani and Gaurav Chopra’s thick friendship inside the house came to an end after Gaurav was eliminated from the show.


We were left shocked when Salman threw Priyanka Jagga out of the Bigg Boss house. And when Om Swami threw his urine on Bani and Rohan, after which he was kicked out of the house. You’ll will say, it was more disgusting, but it was shocking to see a man stoop to the lowest of the low on national television.


The Weekend Ka Vaar episodes with Salman Khan were quite fun too. Apart from him giving lessons to the housemates, a number of other Bollywood celebs joined him every weekend. The most memorable one was when his friend Govinda joined him and their banter made for a highly entertaining watch. And of course when Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan re-united for the second time on Bigg Boss, as the former came to promote his recently released film, Raees. Needless to say, it was an episode, which will go down in the history books.


There was a strong sense of competition too. And it all started when the wild card contestants, Jason Shah, Elena Kazan, Sahil Anand and Priyanka Jagga stepped inside the house. Although these wild card entries didn’t manage to stay in the house for long, but for a short period of time they did give the other housemates a run for their money.


Although we didn’t get to see an intense romance inside the house, there was a wedding that took place, which was a master stroke by the makers to up their falling TRPs. Mona Lisa’s boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot entered the house and proposed marriage to her, which she happily accepted. The two tied the knot on national television.


And lastly, like every year, this time too Salman entered the house on New Year’s eve thereby surprising the housemates. And when you have Salman himself inside the Bigg Boss house, the entertainment level obviously reached a notch higher.