It’s weekend and I’m once again back with my list of worst dressed celebs. In this list this time is one such celebrity that I never in my wildest dreams! Okay, if you guys have been following my stories, you would know that I am a huge Ranveer Singh fan. Not just for his talent or looks but for his wacky fashion sense. His quirky and bold style puts him directly on my list of best dressed at all instances. However, this week, I’d be lying if I said that I found him hot despite the pattern faux pas. Of course, I’ll divulge on that soon but before that, I’d like to mention his other half, Deepika, was quite the hottie this week! Her classy Rohit Bahl saree along with a halter neck blouse was stunning. This list is all about the faux pas made by celebs in the arena of fashion so I’ll quickly jump to that. Let’s start with the man who stunned me with his mistake.

Ranveer Singh

One of the reasons why I’m a huge fan of Singh is because of his Befikre approach towards fashion. He likes to be noticed and the catalyst he uses for the same is fashion. Usually, he gets me but this week he didn’t. Wearing a very kitschy Jeremy Scott ensemble. While I would have given him a thumbs up for swearing his personality on his sleeves in this bright outfit but NO. It was extremely gaudy. The patterns made for a loud look and not in a good way. Sadly, even Singh couldn’t pull off this look. I would add the fact that the colours were my biggest concern. They were all from the loud family and hence, together, with the psychedelic patterns as well, it was too much for the eyes.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

The next in my list is Aishwarya’s outfit from the Ambani party. What happened to the impeccable fashion sense you had during Ae Dil Hai Mushkil? All the glamed up avatar has plummeted with this one appearance, Ash. To be honest, the sequined kurta is atrocious. But while I try to make peace with it, the skirt acts as a bigger trouble. Satin? Seriously? How can you wear this? Also, the fitting of the outfit is so terrible that it’s very unflattering. All the hardwork Ash put during ADHM has done down the drain.

Priyanka Chopra

Is there some love for sequins and fur that has caught on in Bollywood? Everybody seems obsessed with either or both. In PeeCee’s case again, she has let two outfits try to work magic on her but it’s plain fail. The Sabyasachi fur coat that she has styled with her shimmery number is a bad choice. Just like how Ranveer Singh mixed too many patterns in his ensemble, Chopra has done the same. This resulting in the look being too loud and gaudy. I’m not a big fan of the sequined outfit but the fur coat is bad on another level. I wonder what’s up with the actress as she has always left heads turning with her stunning fashion.

Sonakshi Sinha

Again, here’s a big surprise. Until the promotions of Force 2, Sona was wearing some fine outfits. Already after shedding some weight, the actress is looking quite hot, more than earlier. Plus, even her dressing sense improved quite a lot. Or we just said it too soon for here she is. Wearing a Sonali Gupta ethnic number, I was particularly disappointed in the way it has been styled. Instead of the trousers, a flowy skirt would’ve made the look less overwhelming. Oh and definitely losing the sleeves should elevate this otherwise blah look.

Vaani Kapoor

Sadly, this is one look that Miss Kapoor tried to French up but failed miserably. If you think about it, the Sachin and Babi dress isn’t all that bad. But the biggest flaw here is the fitting of the outfit. You can see it for yourself that the plunging neckline could have been avoided. Instead forcing a neckline like that has resulted in the outfit looking ill fit. The big bow again, unnecessary. The pumps, very dull. The look could’ve been better had she just eliminated some elements. Like the flowy skirt as well as the big bow are both not going well together.

That was us for this week. Who did you find a fashion face palm this week? Tell us in the comments section below. Stay tuned to this space for more gossips and latest updates.