Priyanka Chopra has been featured in Allure magazine’s cover story as she speaks about embracing dark complexion and moving on! One of the biggest issues still prevalent in the world is racism and colour discrimination. Although people say that they have progressed from the whole taboo mentality, turns out it’s very much still ingrained in a lot of people’s minds. As our desi girl made heads turn in Hollywood, she faced colour discrimination as well. In honour of all the ladies in the West, who have achieved milestones, despite coming from a coloured background, Allure mag featured them. In her quote, PeeCee stated how her complexion is just as complicated as her but she thinks achievement should not be weighed on how fair you are but how capable you are.

“[My skin] is as complicated as I am. When I was growing up, I didn’t see anyone on television who looked like me. Initially, companies didn’t have colours that matched Asian or Indian skin. Because I’m darker, I had issues as a teenager — society pressure that a girl is prettier if she’s lighter. Pressures exist, and it’s on us to make those pressures not seem important to girls. I’ve achieved what I’ve achieved, and skin colour has nothing to do with it — in fact, it might have been an asset. I like the colour of my skin very much. It’s so primitive to me that people are judged on the basis of the colour of their skin. I mean, it’s skin. We all have it,” said the actress.

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Not just Chopra but even Canadian YouTube sensation, Lilly Singh gave a fiery retort to all the people who have had issues with her skin. “The last time someone made me feel bad about my skin would be every single comment I get about my face makeup not matching my neck. It’s something I get on YouTube. Maybe if more foundation matched my skin tone, haters would slow their roll,” she said. We sure are proud to have such divas represent us in the West. Their strong personality makes us bow down to her!