Here’s another peek into the life of Baywatch’s Victoria Leeds aka Priyanka Chopra. The baddie is all set to freeze the summer with her dangerously sizzling looks in her upcoming Hollywood debut. In case you missed out, in the previous posters of the film, they’ve leafed out the famous line, Winter is coming from Game of Thrones and used it as Summer is coming. While we can totally relate to that tagline as we just can’t wait for summer to come, this latest tease shared by the actress is quite contradictory. She is dangerous and she is going to freeze all the fun for Dwayne, Zac and others at the beach. Priyanka shared this video and captioned it, “Here’s a free lesson for all the rookies: She’s as dangerous as they come… don’t fall for her charm. #SummerIsComing #BeBaywatch” Well, PeeCee, we’ll try to not fall for it but it’s going to be pretty damn difficult if you continue to share such sizzling teasers! (ALSO READ – Priyanka Chopra napping with her Baywatch co-star Zac Efron is cute AF – view pic)

In the first trailer of Baywatch, we only caught a glimpse of the actress but they had their reasons. Mother Madhu Chopra had revealed that because her role as the main antagonist in the film is very essential and pivotal, they decided not to let out all the good stuff, in the open. Even Dwayne Johnson confirmed the same on the release of the first trailer that there’s a lot more planning done for the Indian audience and media, who wish to see more of PeeCee. While the first one kept the diva’s character under wraps, we sure saw quite a lot of glimpses of Priyanka as she is the baddie in disguise. Being her first Hollywood debut, you can be sure of the fact that she’s definitely soaring temperatures with her hotness. Anyway, while our gushing continues, you folks check out the teaser of Victoria Leeds. Oh and while you’re watching the teaser, do notice the penguin that casually bombed the video.

Here’s a free lesson for all the rookies: She’s as dangerous as they come… don’t fall for her charm. #SummerIsComing #BeBaywatch

— PRIYANKA (@priyankachopra) January 26, 2017

The actress’ popularity and the accolades won by her in such a short span of Hollywood career has made her quite a big deal. Within two years of Quantico, the 35 year old actress has won two People’s Choice Awards and that is something to be proud of. Perhaps this could be one of the reasons why the makers of Baywatch decided to extend her role in the film. Just last week after picking up her second PCAs, the actress returned to her city i.e. New York. However, soon she posted a pic of herself at the airport and hashtagged Baywatch and night shoot.In our knowledge, the diva and in fact the entire cast had wrapped up shooting last year itself. Maybe some additions may have happened that we’re unaware of? Anyway, we’ll get to the depths of that. Apart from this teaser, there are several things about the film to get us excited. Such as the possibility of Dwayne Johnson coming to India, Priyanka’s first Hollywood film and a lot more.

You folks stay tuned to this space and we’ll ensure to update you on all the happenings of Baywatch!