Zac Efron’s workout regime makes Priyanka Chopra hungry! Before the dirty minds get to work, let us clarify it. The actress doesn’t intend any pun here but has a genuine need for food, every time she sees her Baywatch co-star workout. In an interaction with ENews, the diva stated that she finds herself munching something or the other, every time she sees Efron get his body toned. It all started with the news portal, who asked her what her initial reaction was to see the HSM actor’s abs. Well, it is the most talked about bod in Hollywood right now and fans wouldn’t stop swooning at the sight of it. Anyway, so PeeCee was asked to comment on it and the diva admitted that she was totally stumped to see his rock hard pecs! “I didn’t think they were real initially. I thought there’s gotta be some airbrushing, paint brushing, whatever people do. But I can vouch for them. I’ve seen them for real. They’re real. And I was shocked. I doubt human beings have that,” she said.

Well, that’s a good thing to know. Soon, she added that the actor works out at all free times! She said, “Even in between shots he trains. He’s forever training. Forever.” To this, the journalist swiftly asked her if she ever tagged along for his workout scenes, “Have you ever trained with him?” only to get, “I watch. I watched, I ate (laughs). I was always eating whenever Zac is training, I don’t know why. I always got hungry seeing him work so hard. I was like, ‘God I’m hungry now.’” Weird. Check out the video below.

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Priyanka Chopra talks about seeing @ZacEfron‘s abs for the first time @priyankachopra #Baywatch #Cinemacon

— PRIYANKA DAILY (@PriyankaDaily) March 29, 2017

The Baywatch team is currently in Vegas, Cinemacon, promoting their upcoming summer movie, Baywatch. There is an added amount of excitement towards the film and it’s courtesy Priyanka. The diva is making her Hollywood debut with this movie as she plays the villain, Victoria Leeds. Oh and mind you, the baddie swears like a mother**, let’s leave it there. A footage of the film was played at Cinemacon and it received tremendous response from people who witnessed it. They’ve called it funniest film of the year. The highlights of reviews have mostly been centred around PeeCee swearing, Zac examining a dead penis and comic timings of Dwayne. That says it all, doesn’t it?