We had reported earlier about how Priyanka Chopra’s Hollywood debut, Baywatch, had its release date shuffled and it is now moved to May 26. This makes the R-rated comedy clash with a Hollywood biggie, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men No Tales. While Baywatch is a definitely a huge project thanks to the presence of Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron and still persisting love for the lifeguard show, Pirates of the Caribbean is a BIGGER franchise. The first POTC movie was a big critical and a commercial hit, that made Johnny Depp a global superstar and also earned him an Oscar nomination. While the subsequent movies made more and more money, the critical reception for these movies had diminishing returns. That’s why many of the series’ fans didn’t have many hopes when the fifth installment is about to return. That is, until the special screening at Comic-Con 2017 happened…

The makers of the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales held an exclusive screening for a select few distributors and media personnel, with an embargo on the reviews. But that has not stopped the audience from posting their reactions on Twitter, and gladly they are all very positive. Some of the people have called the movie the best since the first movie, and the ending, they say, has the right kind of emotional punch, that could perhaps mean this could be the final movie in the franchise. Here are some of the choicest best reactions…

Thing I liked most about #PiratesoftheCaribbean is it felt the most like the first movie, which is my personal favorite. Strong finale pic.twitter.com/SF9b6uk4GU

— ErikDavis (@ErikDavis) March 29, 2017


Just saw #PiratesoftheCaribbean #DeadMenTellNoTales and it was truly enjoyable! Hats off to you @Disney pic.twitter.com/beOq9Qe4Nw

— Rebecka Schumann (@RebeckaSchumann) March 29, 2017


#PiratesoftheCaribbean 5 was pretty darn good with a very satisfying ending. #CinemaCon2017 #vegas #disney

— Brendon Wagner (@succeededmight) March 29, 2017


REACTION: I really did like this #PiratesoftheCaribbean wayyyy more then Pirates 4 or even 3. The ending hit my feels….no joke

— Caleb Williams (@KnightGambit) March 29, 2017


Fans of #PiratesoftheCaribbean will not be disappointed. Pirates 5 is a very fun, action packed adventure w subtle nods to the ride itself.

— Yolanda Machado (@SassyMamainLA) March 29, 2017


Also the action scenes are really well staged and easy to follow. So much better than the last one. #PiratesoftheCaribbean

— Steven Weintraub (@colliderfrosty) March 29, 2017


for #PiratesoftheCaribbean. You don’t think you need more Jack Sparrow and then you realize you needed more Jack Sparrow#CinemaCon

— ErikDavis (@ErikDavis) March 29, 2017


I enjoyed #piratesofthecaribbean #DeadMenTellNoTales but it’s completely unnecessary. Still, a good time nonetheless. @joblocom

— Paul Shirey (@arcticninjapaul) March 29, 2017


New Pirates could be VFX Oscar contender. #CinemaCon2017

— Anne Thompson (@akstanwyck) March 29, 2017

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is directed by Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg. Along with Depp, Orlando Bloom and Geoffery Rush is also returning, while Javier Bardem will play the villain, Captain Salazar. Brenton Thwaites and Kaya Scodelario are the younger cast of the movie.