Prince Narula is in a very happy space. Post Bigg Boss 9, he made a successful transition on the daily soap space with &TV’s Badho Bahu. The show is the No.1 for &TV and he couldn’t be happier. The reality show star is also being seen as a judge on MTV’s Roadies Rising with Rannvijay Singha, Neha Dhupia and Nikhil Chinapa. Bollywood Life caught up with Prince for a chat and he said, “It is a dream to be part of the Roadies’ judges’ panel. This was the platform that appreciated me and gave me love. From Roadies, I got recognised as a performer. Badho Bahu is doing fabulously, it’s the No.1 show on &TV and all I can say is bahut sahi hai.” The actor plays a wrestler, Lucky who get married to the overweight Komal (Rytasha Rathore).

When asked about what quality he is looking for in the contestants, Prince opines, “I think I will judge people by how much pagalpan they gave. I like those with a passion for winning. I tell my team to be a specialists in one thing rather than attempt everything. Last year, my team was considered weakest but we came out really strong till the end. I like to do masti.” Over the years, Roadies has been a platform for aspiring youngsters from all over India. It is like a stepping stone. “Yes, it is true…people come to Roadies only to make a career in the glamour world. There is nothing wrong in that. Earlier, winners would feel that they have achieved everything by winning the show. They would rest on their laurels. The current lot knows that they need to move ahead fast.” (Also Read: Roadies Rising review: The Rannvijay Singha, Neha Dhupia’s show standards are dropping, thanks to boring content)

There are a couple of reality shows on every channel and quite a few people are bored of the concepts. Most of them have bad TRPs. “I feel timing is crucial. Reality shows don’t work in the last night slot. Roadies Rising is in the 7pm slot, which is a good time to watch TV. Shows post 10pm take time to click as working professionals think twice before watching them. Moreover, there are too many reality shows. The bad ones affect the impression of the decent ones too,” says Prince. He also says the toned down format of Roadies is better. “It is not a show filled with abuses anymore. The format has changed for the better. Families can watch it. I remember changing the channel whenever my parents came as Roadies had a lot of abusing in that time. Nowadays, people are sensitive to issues around them and everyone knows the world is watching them,” he states. (Also Read: Prince Narula revisits his victorious moment on Bigg Boss 9 and sends an emotional message to his fans – watch video)

He confesses that he is more fond of reality shows than daily ones. “You are married to the set in a daily soap. In a reality show, you get to do masti, enjoy adventures, travel a bit and make friends. Time just flies on a show like Roadies,” he says. Prince is all praises for Rytasha Rathore, his Badho Bahu co-star. “She is a good actress and studies her craft diligently. Rytasha has been doing theatre since childhood. We do like improvise and do scenes together. As a team, we like to go beyond what is written in the script. I am glad people like us,” quips the hunk.

Besides his professional life, Prince has been making news for rumoured dating Yuvika Chaudhary. When we asked him about an announcement any time soon, he says, “Kuch hua toh aap logon ko pata chal jayega. We are like buddies. I like her but we are too busy in our careers. She is working hard on her projects. We have a couple of tracks coming up, one in a soft romantic song featuring Yuvi and me and the other is a solo one.” Given that the fact that are two are so comfortable together, when do we see them as a couple? Hearing this, Prince laughs uproariously and jokes, “I wish main iska jawab abhi de pata. Usne mujhe haan ki hoti…main propose karoo and woh haan kare, it will be news for 2017.”