This love ballad is certainly going to stay with you for long. Featuring Anushka Sharma and Diljit Dosanjh, Sahiba from Phillauri will make your hearts heavy, the moment you hear it. I mean, no seriously! Few seconds into the song and you’ll be high on emotions that flows from love to heartbreak to back in love again. Sung by Romy and Pawni Pandey, the music is soulful, the lyrics are breathtaking and the whole composition is so beautiful that it exactly translates the hardship of Anushka and Diljit’s love story that unfortunately, fails to have a happily ever after. We wish it was sung by Diljit who gave us one of the best tracks of 2016 – Ik Kudi from Udta Punjab but then again, thank you Romy for living up to Diljit’s standards with this one.

Nevertheless, talking about Phillauri, Anushka plays a ghost in the film who is back to take on her unfulfilled wish, which is nothing but get back to the love of her life – Phillauri played by Diljit. He plays a singer in the film, precisely why you can see him singing in this latest track which gives a glimpse of Anushka and Diljit’s incomplete love saga. But now how will Anushka’s wish be fulfilled and if at all it does, what turn will their relationship take hereafter? We’ll have to wait for the film to release on March 10, 2017. But of course, right now we have Sahiba to get the hang of this unusual love story..

Watch ‘Sahiba’ below: 

Not to forget, before Sahiba, we had two other songs from Phillauri – Dum Dum a sufi track and What’s up being wedding track. With Sahiba adding on to the playlist, our wait to watch Phillauri has only escalated a lot further. How about you? Do watch the song and tell us what are your thoughts about it in the comments below.