Bajirao (Rudra Soni) tells his guru that they should remember Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s words but ends being hit by his guru. Meanwhile, Shivaji Raje whips a guy continuously to punish him. Balaji (Manish Wadhwa) tries to stop him but he refuses to stop and just humiliates him. Radhabai (Anuja Sathe) decides to talk to Bajirao’s guru for punishing him unnecessarily. They have a verbal spat. He threatens to throw Baji out of the school but Radhabai herself withdraws his admission from the school. On their way back home, Radhabai realised what she did. She decides to be Bajirao’s tutor henceforth. Shivaji Raje defeats people in sword fighting.

Balaji doesn’t appreciate him since he had threatened them to lose. But this doesn’t affect his ego and pride. Balaji then decides to fight Raje himself. Balaji defeats Raje and explains what the examination means to him. He gives Raje Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj’s examples and what a mighty king he was. He stresses that Raje will have to learn everything but Raje gets him arrested. Bajirao is surprised and impressed that Radhabai will be teaching him from now. Bajirao’s friends get into a verbal spat with their fellow classmates and the guru decides to intervene. He mumbles about Radhabai and leaves. (ALSO READ: Peshwa Bajirao 27 February 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Baji takes the message of Swaraj to his school)

Baji’s friends goes to his house and tell him how lucky he is. They talk about how easy his life will get now and Baji tells them how his mother is really excited about teaching him. Radhabai writes a letter to Balaji about what she decided and what she feels about it. She wonders how she is going to teach Baji. Tarabai calls Balaji and tells him that she will punish Raje. Balaji asks her not to punish him or he won’t learn a lesson. They discuss how to go about making Raje a just king.

Tarabai expresses her wish to meet his children once and he gives Radhabai the credit for raising their kids. Radhabai wakes Baji up before sunrise and starts her lessons. Baji excitedly gets ready to learn from his mother so his father can be proud of him.