Peshwa Bajirao begins with Balaji (Manish Wadhwa) telling Radhabai (Anuja Sathe) about how he taught Baji (Rudra Soni) about Swaraj. He says he has to go to Satara for a few days and gives responsibility of his training to her. Their daughter comes and tells them to shape her future too. Radhabai says I will do so. She says brother is on the terrace dreaming of Swaraj. The boys are upstairs where Baji says Swaraj will bring equality. Vishu says will even animals get freedom. Baji says every animal should get opportunity. Balaji says opportunities are hunted for, not given. Vishu asks from where do you ask for Swaraj? Balaji says we have to fight with the Mughals for our freedom. He gives the example of a robber who attacks a home and a soldier who saves with a sword. He says person is great with feeling. Balaji says we must unite all Marathas with love and create an army to defeat Mughals.

Shahuji Raje is learning the verses when his minister comes and says a person who is a great orator can impress people. He gives him a vidur neeti to learn. He gets a marriage proposal but rejects it saying that it is a ploy from Aurangzeb to trap him. He says Aurangzeb knows his son cannot manage the throne so he has cultivated some treacherous Maratha friends. Shahuji says I believe we will get freedom and I am sure this land has produced a great warrior who can defeat them.

Baji tries to tell his friends about Swaraj and the concept of Ekta. Bhalu teases him and Gotya brings a girl called Ekta to fight the battle. He also brings a called named Namrata (humility) to join their Army. Later, the boys start fighting and Baji is exasperated. Guruji comes and sees the fight raging in the classroom. Shahuji tells a guard that he wants to meet Badshah Salamat (Aurangzeb).

Aurangzeb’s son says we want to rule over Deccan then we need to kill Tarabai. He says we need to use the tactic used by Shivaji. The suggestion is to infiltrate the Maratha kingdom dressed as Marathis and capture it. He says we will name it Naya Aurangabad. The map burns and he says the Gods are with us. Shahuji enters in and lies down on the map to prevent it from burning. He gets badly burnt. Aurangzeb sees it and says should I light it again so that you can lie down on it again. He says Shahuji is a caged tiger. Aurangzeb says I respect brave people. Shahuji I will remain a Marathi and do not try to get be married to some disloyal Maratha soldiers’ daughters. He leaves the court. The son says why did you not let me kill him. Aurangzeb says I will kill him but at the right moment. He says call my daughters Zeenat and Nissar here. The son gets shocked.

Baji’s schoolmaster yells at him for trying to be a leader. He says focus on books. Baji says my mom says the world is also like a book. He says education is important but goal is a must. He says I will bring Swaraj. The schoolmaster says are you Shivaji’s relation to bring Swaraj. Baji says we are all his descendants and must work hard to achieve his goals.