BollywoodLife was the first one to exclusively report to you how a model named Sushmita Chakravarty registered a molestation case against TV actor Parth Samthaan at Bangur Nagar police station, this afternoon. Sources revealed Parth has been called to record his statement and if proven guilty, he might get arrested under severe charges. However, before things could get any more worse, Parth has proven himself innocent by further also exposing Vikas Gupta’s dirty plans to demean him. Yes…Ensuring no more damage to his image, Parth has issued an official statement clarifying the whole case. Here’s what he has to say:

“To start with , the case is completely false and baseless .. went to the police station today , gave my statement .. and I am out of it … and yes it was a dispute among friends .. and she complained after almost 1.5 years …at the station we also got to know from the cops that the girl Sushmita Chokraborty had come with Vikas Gupta to the station and hence plotted all those false accusations without any proof and filed the case ..the very next day she called me and said she realized what she had done and wanted to take the case back .. but since she filed an FIR , cops could not take the case back … today ,I gave all my call recordings and Whatsapp conversations to the cops which I had with Sushmita where it is clearly mentioned that she wants to take the case back and did all this in the heat of the moment .. and then requesting me to sort it out as soon as possible….. time and again Vikas Gupta has been trying to demean me and that everyone is aware of .. don’t need to say more as I know the audience is sensible enough of what’s happening as they have already witnessed me getting into stupid controversies before ….also given the fact that women are given special rights by law over men in such situations .. to which I completely respect .. but does not mean that they should take undue advantage of it and stoop so low in order to demean me or anyone ….thank you !” Also read: Breaking! Parth Samthaan accused of molesting a model, FIR filed against the actor

For all the ignorant, in 2013, Parth had accused Vikas of molestation after which revelations were made that both were in a homosexual relationship. Things turned ugly for Parth when popular TV producer Ekta Kapoor too confirmed that Vikas and Parth were in relationship. According to a DNA report, Ekta revealed that Parth and Vikas were actually in a relationship and the former is lying. Ekta was quoted saying in the report that she has seen many videos of Parth, where he is seen declaring his love for Vikas. She also stated that within 20 days of accusing Vikas of touching him inappropriately on December 7, 2013, Parth was with Vikas, holidaying in Bangkok.

Parth had also accused Vikas of non payment of dues for his show Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya. While majority of TV stars supported Vikas. Very few actors came out in Parth’s support .Though later Parth apologized but things soured between him and Vikas, now coming to this extent. Keep watching this space for more updates on this hot story.