There seems to be some kind of dearth in the industry in terms of events as barely anyone has stepped out. A few celebs did make heads turn with their outings like Alia Bhatt in a red Dior gown and Sonakshi Sinha with her nerdy mode on. Similarly, some of celebs, who didn’t wear striking outfits, made up with their impeccable makeup and style. For example, we saw the resplendent Kareena Kapoor Khan at her mother’s birthday celebration and Malaika Arora Khan at a brunch party. Heads did turn, yes. At the same time though, there were some drab appearances by celebs as well. Surprisingly this time we had Parineeti Chopra, Pooja Hegde, Huma Qureshi and Esha Gupta making it to the list. Scroll below and check out what we disliked about their outings and why. 

Parineeti Chopra


For sometime now, Pari has been doing great with her sense of fashion. However, with her successful style stride comes this fail. Do you folks, too, feel that there’s a lot going on with her ensemble? With the mesh top and highlighhted pants, and the sandals, it’s a little too much for the eyes. Perhaps if she didn’t wear the mesh top or opted for a black jumpsuit with the mesh top, it still would’ve done the trick. Oh and irrespective of any look, the sandals definitely don’t fit in!

Esha Gupta


It looks like Esha wanted to teach what the phrase ‘Jack of all trades and master of none’ means. Because this look has everything but no spunk. The gown itself is the biggest letdown here. We say just a change in outfit would’ve done it. As you can see, her hair is done really well and same goes for her makeup. But we just can’t seem to like the hideous gown.

Pooja Hegde


Is it just us or are you also not buying the silver horizontal patterns (diamonds?) appliqued around the lehenga? But that’s not the only tacky part about this ensemble. Even the top is just as terrible. There’s no match here whatsoever. Usually when there’s no match, some element in the outfit brings out a spark of some sort. Can’t see that anywhere here.

Huma Qureshi


Our biggest concern here is the fitting of the dress. While we know that Huma has opted for an oversized outfit, the fitting is still not right. Do you notice the bust region? It’s badly done. Even the sleeves lack good fitting. It’s a let down in general.

That was our list for the week. Whose style were you repulsed by? Tell us in the comments box below. Stay tuned to this space for hot scoops and latest fashion updates.