It’s really unfortunate but Sanjay Leela Bhansali seems to have given into the demands of the group that attacked him on the sets of Padmavati in Jaipur a couple of days back. Yes, as per reports SLB has assured that the film will not have any romantic or objectionable scenes between Padmavati and Alauddin Khilji ( Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh) in the film. However, having said that the group has also demanded a review of the film before its release and change of the film’s title. Although Bhansali productions is yet to give an official statement on this but they have issued a clarification saying, “We don’t want to hurt any sentiments, would appreciate if all social orgs support us in making this film.” Not to mention, in a tweet, Giriraj Singh of Rajput Sabha said, “They (Bhansali Prod.) have agreed there will be no intimate scene between Padmavati and Alauddin Khilji in any form. Demand to form a screening committee before the release of the movie is still to be fulfilled.”

State President of Karni Sena, Mahipal Singh Makrana addressed the press this afternoon and announced the agreement he’s fixed with Team Padmavati after the protest. He’s reasoned that his sena didn’t manhandle Bhansali out of choice but instead were forced to take an action after SLB’s guards fired at them the moment they landed on the sets. In the video released by Times Now, you can even hear the Karni Sena president arguing the fact they have been demanding a clarification from the filmmaker since the last 5-6 months. But considering Team Padmavati didn’t pay any heed to their demands, the protestors had to deal their way, affirms the president.

#WATCH State President of Karni Sena, Mahipal Singh Makrana addresses the

— TIMES NOW (@TimesNow) January 30, 2017

Bhansali Productions’ official Twitter handle has been clarifying through tweets stating:

हमे खुशी होगी अगर वहां के लोग फिल्म बनाते समय हमारी सहायता करे और पुरी दुनिया मे रानी पद्मावती जानी जाएं उनकी सुंदरता और साहसिकता के लिये.

— BhansaliProductionFC (@bhansaliprod_fc) January 30, 2017

हम किसी की भावनाओं को ठेस पहुंचाना नहीं चाहते है .

— BhansaliProductionFC (@bhansaliprod_fc) January 30, 2017

संजय लीला भंसाली रानी पद्मावती की सुंदरता और साहसिकता से बहुत प्रेरित हुए. इसीलिए वो रानी पद्मावती पर फीचर फिल्म बना रहे है .

— BhansaliProductionFC (@bhansaliprod_fc) January 30, 2017

हम ध्यानपूर्वक खोज करके फिल्म बना रहे है.
हमे विश्वास है की मेवाड़ के लोग फिल्म पर गर्व करेंगे.

— BhansaliProductionFC (@bhansaliprod_fc) January 30, 2017

हम स्पष्ट करना चाहते है की फिल्म पद्मावती मे पद्मावती और अलाउद्दीन खिलजी के बिच मे ऎसा कोई भी रोमैन्टिक सीन और ड्रीम सीक्वन्स नहि है .

— BhansaliProductionFC (@bhansaliprod_fc) January 30, 2017

In a way, SLB has bowed down to all the demands. But do you think this is justified? Are filmmakers lying at such a helpless situation?

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