What Oscar’s? People are going gaga over Dev Patel‘s pics from the 89th Academy Awards! Yes, he did lose the Best Supporting Actor award to Mahershala Ali  but clearly, the priority of fans is totally different. We came across a few Twitter reactions of fans which clearly hint that they couldn’t care much about his Oscar win but about how cute he looks. Yes. People are literally thirsting over the actor! So for the awards night, Patel donned a Burberry black and white suit. Dapper is a word best to describe his appearance. He looked pretty damn hot, we’ll say. And we guess Twitterati totally agrees with us. There are tweets like “date me” and “marry me” and “Dev, hot-as-hell” that’s owning social media right now. Evidently the actor has a HUGE fan following! People are so lost in his looks that they’re not even least bit affected by the fact that he didn’t win the Oscar.

But keeping all the mad tweets aside, some have also stated how he is still a winner according to them. Aww, isn’t that sweet? You folks can check out all the mad tweets below.

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He’d be a great super villain, thinks this fan –

#DevPatel in that white suit jacket & killer mustache is making us think he’d be a good villian in a superhero flick! #Oscars #blerDCon

— BlerdCon (@blerdconDC) February 27, 2017

The effect of Dev on women –

Literally 3 women just moaned when they announced Dev Petal. #devpatel #Oscars

— kathy paciello (@kay_elle_pea) February 27, 2017

We need to see more of Dev on cinema –

There need to be more movies with #DevPatel in them…he’s awesome.

— Danica R. Starks (@DanicaRachele) February 27, 2017

Not Dev Patel but Dev hot-as-hell –

I see I am not alone in my feeling. #DevPatel #Oscars2017 https://t.co/DvffKfbq18

— Tricia Olson (@tolson12) February 27, 2017

Invention of acting was possible because of Dev –

I can’t believe he invented acting. #DevPatel pic.twitter.com/0SuG8h6VaF

— I DON’T (@HitMeMariah) February 27, 2017

Here’s a marriage proposal Dev, any thoughts?

If #DevPatel is looking to settle down, he needs to hit me up #Oscars

— Jessica (@JessicaRaella) February 27, 2017

Dev Patel may have lost the big war at the Academy awards 2017 but fans say he’s still a winner! Now isn’t that sweet? The actor was nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category for his exemplary performance in Lion. Earlier we reported to you how Dev got beaten by Mahershala Ali of Moonlight. We had actually predicted this and just as we speculated it, the trophy did go to the actor! Anyway, so while people are rejoicing the victory of Ali, fans of Patel still consider him as a winner. Well, the fact that he got nominated in such an important category does speak volumes of how much his performance created an impact on the critics. After winning the coveted BAFTA award, hopes for Dev’s win was certainly high among fans and us too! And despite the defeat, fans are still proud of the actor. they’re calling him the winner and Twitter is buzzing with his name!

Anyway, stay tuned to this space for all hot Oscar updates.