Oscars 2017 will go down in history for a number of reasons. There was no chance that Oscar So White will ever be a worldwide trend ever again. Priyanka Chopra and Sunny Pawar were representing India at the ceremony. but most importantly, we will never forget the ceremony because of the last 10 minutes of it. The goof up that took place while announcing the Best Picture award, where La La Land was announced a winner instead of Moonlight is unforgettable and somewhat unforgivable. But do you know how those final moments went down? Here is what exactly happened…

So, Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty walked up on the stage as presenters for Best Film. Warren opened the envelope and looked utterly confused. He stared at his co-presenter, then at the audience and then glanced once again at the contents of the envelope. It read “Emma Stone (La La Land)”. He handed over the envelope to his co-presenter Faye, who made then made the announcement. Amidst loud cheers, the crew of La La Land came on the stage. And midway through producer Jordan Horowitz, people realised something was off.

Jordan stopped his victory speech and invited the crew of Moonlight to the stage. Much to everyone’s shock he announced that there was a mistake, and the real winner is Moonlight. This was not a joke. As the cast of La La Land was still celebrating in the background. Jordan further convinced everyone that this is not a joke, and showed everyone the envelope. Reality struck, and it struck hard. The showrunners had committed an unforgivable goof up. (Oscars 2017 Best Dressed list!)

Warren also came on stage and updated that he was holding a card with Emma Stone’s name on it. Emma had just won an award for the Best Actress, right before Best Film announcement. Of course, Jimmy Kimmel too took a dig at Beatty and blamed Steve Harvey for this blunder in jest (remember the Miss Universe fiasco).

Watch the shocking moment where ‘Moonlight’ was announced as the actual winner for Best Film at the 2017 #Oscars. pic.twitter.com/ojqpwMUPcu

— Pop Crave (@PopCravings) February 27, 2017

When in an interview, Emma revealed that she had the Best Actress envelope with her name on it in her hand. Conspiracy theories started to do rounds. But unlike what was being speculated here’s the real truth. What happens is that there are always two envelopes for backup reasons kept in two different cases. So while one was given away to Emma, and the backup envelope was still backstage. (Oscars 2017 FULL winners list)

Somebody there goofed up at the backstage and that led to Emma’s backup envelope being handed over to Faye and Warren. “There was a guy, a stagehand guy, who started kind of buzzing around, looking for the envelope,” Horowitz said in an interview with E News. He also added that he felt something was wrong on reading Emma’s name, and that eventually the original “envelope was found”. To Moonlight team’s relief they emerged as the winners, but obviously team La La Land despite being upset handled the whole mix-up gracefully and made the climax a memorable one.

This is certainly goof up of the year. We cannot wait for the tsunami of memes to come our way!

And congratulations La La…oops… Moonlight!