Is it a portable stereo or is it a stereo shaped bag? Who can tell? But it sure is classy, courtesy Ranveer Singh’s ability to carry it off well! We spotted the actor sporting a really cool portable stereo by Marshall. You see, a lot of folks, when they are addicted to music, opt to carry badass headphones and iPods. Singh, however, thinks that’s old school. He prefers to carry the goddamn portable speakers along with him! Well, that’s how he rolls and we love him for that. At Shankar Ehsaan Loy’s studio last night, in all black, with some kickass styling done. His stylist Nitasha Gaurav seriously deserves a big applause for making him look ramp ready at all times. Anyway, so while we were checking out what’s interesting about his look. We noticed the stereo which he (not so subtly) flaunted around the paparazzi.

However, soon the familiarity of the look dawned upon us. We realised, he has worn a very similar look at GQ Awards last year. Oh yes, remember when he donned the layered black ensemble? Well, he carried a stereo even back then. Only that it took us some time to figure that it’s the same one. While we initially thought that perhaps it’s just a bag (a really cool one) that the actor carried along with him. Soon, after a bit of a research, we found out that maybe it’s just a portable stereo. We even checked out where one might be able to find the stereo. It makes sense that as he walked out of Shankar Ehsaan Loy’s studio with a stereo, mostly courtesy his upcoming project with Anushka Manchanda (details of which we’re unaware of). But why at an award’s function? Check out the pics below.

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We bow down in front of the hunk as he continues to mesmerise us. Could you have ever imagined anyone to accessorise a look with a portable stereo and make it work? The only person who comes across our heads is Singh. He does justice to all his looks. Just yesterday, he nailed the ‘suited up devil’ look too as the brand ambassador of Jack Jones. Damn, this man can really do some crazy things. But you know what, he’s the only one in the whole industry, who dares to be different and rocks at it. While many of the boys don’t consider fashion to be an integral part of their career, it’s only Ranveer who takes it seriously.

Anyway, we will stop our gushing right here as you folks can tell us your thoughts on this, in the comments box below.