Who says policemen don’t have a sense of humour? Okay, even if we can’t link to sense of humour to the entire department, at least the person who is handling the Twitter account certainly has. A few days before the Twitter account of the department slammed Shobhaa De for her mean tweet that trolled an overweight policeman, that lead to much debate on the social networking site. Now the latest victim of the department’s portent sense of humour happens to be none other than Academy Awards.

As you might be aware, Academy Awards committee committed a huge blunder when it came to the announcement of Best Picture. The presenters, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, were handed the wrong envelope (Best Actress for Emma Stone – La La Land), and so they mistakenly announce La La Land as the Best Picture. As the team of La La Land came on stage to celebrate their win and the producers were in the middle of their victory speeches, the producer of the show came on the stage to inform them of their goof up, and you know what happened next. The La La Land team graciously announced that Moonlight has been the Best Picture, in a hilarious turn of events.

Now the Mumbai Police department had put out this tweet, that promotes their department standing on the bones of this blunder. Here it is…

No mix up in our endeavours.Always striving to paint the #BestPicture of Mumbai across the globe #TheBestCitypic.twitter.com/ihyZ0Qg2xH

— Mumbai Police (@MumbaiPolice) February 28, 2017

So what do you think of the latest tweet from Mumbai Police Department?