When the trailer of Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt-starrer Badrinath Ki Dulhania was released, it opened the age old discussion of how Bollywood glorifies stalking and more importantly how Bollywood has been demeaning women since ages. In fact, a few days ago, a video by AIB which showcased how Bollywood has been glorifying stalking of women, also went viral. However, it’s not just men, who are skirt chasers here, in the big, bad world of Bollywood films. A bit of snooping reveals that the biggest stalker of Hindi movies is Karisma Kapoor.

While Karisma Kapoor’s filmography features all genres of films, there is one thing that I noticed and couldn’t ignore. From her first film, Prem Qaidi to her latest, Dangerous Ishhq, more often than not, she has been a pant-chaser (if ever there was a term, this seems apt) and if she does get the guy, life (or the script in this case) has other plans for her. While we talk about how Bollywood glorifies stalkers in our films and if a girl says no, it means NO, Karisma Kapoor has been getting away with unabashedly following guys around. In fact she’s been made to play a lover in the garb of a stalker so many times in her films that sometimes I feel Bollywood has been unfair to her. Don’t believe me? Check this out and you’ll agree…

Prem Qaidi

Karisma Kapoor 1

From what we have heard, her family was not in favour of her acting in movies. Seeing that the poor debutante was made to chase ‘Handsome’ Harish in the film, we know why.


Karisma Kapoor 4

In this one, she plays a student to Anil Kapoor and tries to seduce/marry him throughout the film and he instead marries Juhi Chawla.

Andaz Apna Apna

Karisma Kapoor 5

In this cult film, everyone, including Salman Khan, was after Raveena Tandon, for various reasons. No one wanted to be with Karisma for the better part of the film.

Raja Babu

Karisma Kapoor 2

I know initially Govinda was after her but after a reality check he mends his ways and Karisma Kapoor was made to chase him instead. And to make things worse, was made to dance with a printed boxer-clad Shakti Kapoor. Oww!


Karisma Kapoor 7

Oh how do I start on this one. She had to literally chase Ajay Devgn and when nothing worked, had to forcefully make him fall in love with her. FORCEFULLY! AJAY DEVGN!

Gopi Kishen

Karisma Kapoor 3

Okay, seducing and stripping a disinterested Suniel Shetty. Enough said!

Bal Bramhachari

Karisma Kapoor 6

They name the film ‘Bal Bramhachari’ and Puru Raajkumar had to make his debut with it. They needed an actress to make him look/feel desirable, whom do they go for? Yeaaaah!



Stalking two Salman Khans and both disinterested for various reasons.

Dil To Pagal Hai

Karisma Kapoor 9

Was made to play a best friend to Bollywood’s most romantic actor. Chased him till the end.

Biwi No. 1

Karisma Kapoor 10

Finally there was a film where she was shown a married woman with two kids. Nothing can go wrong from here, right? Wrong! He cheats on her for the Miss Universe. She had to chase her OWN HUSBAND *Trying hard not to facepalm*

No wonder she took a sabbatical soon after.

Dangerous Ishq

And when she decided to make a comeback after a hiatus and for a change wasn’t made to chase anyone, instead…

Karisma Kapoor 13

this guy was chasing her! From fire to frying pan. No wonder she chose not do any films thereafter.

Sigh…such is life!