And finally it’s here! The most – awaited track of this year starring Sonakshi Sinha, Diljit Dosanjh and Badshah, Move your Lakk from Noor is out. Just like we had imagined it to be, this song is the ultimate party anthem of the year. Sonakshi, Diljit and Badshah have come together for the first time and let me warn you, their electrifying moves and dynamic energy will leave you in love with this song.

The song begins as if it was regular, dull monday morning. But soon the song, and so does Sonakshi, transforms into totally LIT. She joins Diljit and Badshah. The lyrics are very catchy – using some popular millennial slangs and language like “Lagti Hai Khatti meeti jaise Ginger Ale” or “Tu Lagi Rehndi Snapchat Pe” and such! Move Your Lak is one of rare songs in Bollywood that gets the Punjabi music right. It doesn’t Bollywoodise the Punjabi beats and feel! By the end of it, we realise that Noor might have just imagined this entire sequence in her head. Uff Yeh Noor!

About the song, Sonakshi had said in an interview with Mirror earlier, “Badshah and I have wanted to collaborate for almost a year now. I’m so glad it’s finally happening for Noor as this film is special to me in many ways. I’m also very fond of Diljit as a performer and a person, so having him on this with us is amazing.It’s going to be super fun shooting with these two live wires for the video.” (ALSO READ: Noor song Gulabi 2.0: Sonakshi Sinha takes centre stage in this averagely impressive dance number)

Talking about Noor, the film is directed by Sunhil Sippy. The plotline is based on a novel by a Pakistani author Saba Imtiaz called Karachi, You’re Killing Me! Though the novel is based in Karachi, the makers have taken creative liberties with the script and have set the character and locations around in Mumbai, where Sonakshi plays a journalist. It’s her journey through the field of media, covering dangerous stories while also straightening out her own life and passions. “Sonakshi represents a real girl who struggles with real-life issues. There’s an immense sense of relatability to her because she, as an actress, has the courage to present her vulnerability,” Sippy said in an interview before.