Yamini starts acting weird in front of Rocky (Karanvir Bohra), confusing him as Ruchika and Avantika take her away. Ruchika and Avantika take Yamini away as Mahish mocks Shivangi (Mouni Roy). She asks him to give her the naagmani in exchange of the horns. He threatens to kill someone in the house if she doesn’t give him his horns. Rocky’s brother cuts his cake as Mahish presses a button on the remote control and the chandelier falls on the birthday boy. Shivangi goes to call the doctor and Mahish follows her giving her three hours to return the horn or he will kill Alia. Shivangi is left with no choice and blames herself for everything.

She finds a way to save Sushant’s life and remembers what Gurudev had told her about her ability to save lives. She empties her venom in a bowl. Rocky walks in asking her what she is up to and she tells him that she made a herbal medicine for him. Rocky tells her that it looks more like poison and leaves. Shivangi walks in with the herbal medicine and Rocky tells her that no one will give him anything until the doctor comes but Sushant’s mother asks her to go ahead with it. (ALSO READ: Naagin 2 22nd January 2017, written update of full episode: Shivangi finds out about Mahish’s real form as he kills his guru)

Shivangi gives Sushant the venom and he passes out immediately. Rocky tells Shivangi that he will never forgive her if anything happens to Sushant. Just then, the doctor walks in to check him and asks them if they gave Sushant anything. Rocky begins to panic but the doctor stops him and tells him that Shivangi’s medicine stopped the bleeding. Rocky feels bad for misunderstanding Shivangi. Mahish tries to talk Alia into going to find another doctor and a worried Shivangi follows them.

She stops Alia when Mahish indirectly threatens her. Shivangi volunteers to go with Mahish asking Alia to go back in the house. They have a verbal spat about their agreement. Shivangi calls Rudra informing him about Mahish when Rocky walks in. Shivangi immediately changes the topic and hangs up. Rocky thanks Shivangi for saving Sushant’s life and apologises to her. Ruchika overhears Rocky talk about his trust issues with Shivangi but she is too busy thinking about Rudra.

She walks away without informing him and Ruchika enters to rub salts on Rudra’s wound. She starts badmouthing about Shivangi but Rudra stops her and asks her to leave. Shivangi and Rudra are planning on how to tackle Mahish. Just then, Rudra’s chacha sees them change forms and gets confused. Shivangi is asking Gurudev what to do and he tells her that they will have to somehow freeze him. Gurudev makes a plan and asks Shivangi to ask Mahish to meet her behind a haveli.

Gurudev asks her to leave the cold room but she refuses to leave. He leaves the room praying to Shiva and asking the God to protect her. Shivangi calls Rudra and asks him to inform Mahish to meet her in the haveli. Avantika sees Mahish leave and decides to find out where he is going. Rocky sees Rudra talk on the phone and drags him. Rocky yells at him as Rudra tells him that he is here for Shivangi. They have a verbal spat when Rudra tells Rocky that if he loves Shivangi so much, why doesn’t he trust her!

Avantika, Ruchika and Yamini are flying to follow Mahish. They sing inappropriate songs, too. Avantika goes to a pool of madhumaki’s aatmas and asks them about Mahish’s horns. Yamini starts making fun of her before the pool of liquid shows them a Shiv temple. A bright light comes from within the pool and drops on Avvantika’s hand in the form of a transparent pebble. Mahish tells Shivangi that he will go with her and locks the door since he knows she won’t let him have the horns that easily.

He finds the horn and examines it as Shivangi tries to drop the liquid to freeze him. He gets angry and tries to attack her as she drops the dry ice on him to freeze him. Shivangi tries to leave the place. Ruchika, Yamini and Avantika are trying to torture Gurudev into revealing details about the horns. They are also vandalising the temple to make him spill beans on the whereabouts of the horns. Ruchika bangs his head on a pillar to make him talk and eventually throws him on the floor. She lifts him again and tortures him till he starts bleeding.

Yamini is searching the Shiv idol and finds the horn near Shiva’s feet but is not able to lift it. Avantika tries to lift it and successfully lifts it. They decide to call Mahish and trade the horn for naagmani but his phone is not reachable. Avantika then uses her powers to track Mahish’s location and they are confused why Mahish is behind that haveli. Avantika asks Yamini to guard the horn with her life.

Rocky sees Shivangi and decides to talk to her about them. She tells him that she also wants to work on their relationship and she passes out before completing her sentence. Rocky is wondering why her body is so cold and covers her with a blanket. He then takes off her clothes, jewellery and hugs her to share body warmth. The exact thing that Hrithik had to save Shivanya. Remember? A visual treat for all Karanvir Bohra fans as he takes his shirt off too.