Yamini(Sudha Chandran) stops Rudra (Kinshuk Mahajan) from running. She points at the moon and tells him that she has found out his reality. He turns and agrees that he is a icchadari naagin. He transforms into a snake and vanishes. (Aashka Goradia) says their naagmani is safe as Shivangi (Mouni Roy) is not a naagin. Kapalika treats Ruchika (Adaa Khan). She gets up.

Yamini discusses with Mahishmati that who is this icchadari naagin who is after them. Mahismati says that they should be worried about Shivangi anymore as it is definite that she is not naagin. Shivangi apologises to Rudra for not being careful. He tells her that they have not seen him. Now they will get busy looking for him and will not think about Shivangi.

They both discuss how to kill Avantika. Meanwhile Mahismati says that if this some he attacks on her, she will not leave her. Their guru tell them that Mahismati is makkhyon ki rani so she can only be wooed by honey. He gives them a magical portion to kill Avantika. Shivangi asks Rudra to bring her at madh hill.

Rocky (Karanvir Bohra) decorates his room for Shivangi. His brothers come and tell her that candles and flowers are passe, he should try something else. He agrees.

Gautami comes and asks Shivangi how is she and if she is happy with Rocky. She takes her out and shows her real side. She tells her the entire story of how she became an icchadari naagin.

Shivangi gets shocked seeing the magical portion in Rocky’s hand. She runs towards him and breaks the bottle. She later realises that it was another bottle. Rocky gets romantic and gets close to her. Badi Maa and Kaali Naagin enter their room. Shivangi gets embarrassed. Badi maa teases Rocky. She asks Rocky to take Ruchika with him. He thinks of his surprise for Shivangi and refuses. She asks him to continue romancing his wife. She takes Ruchika aside. She asks her to calm down and focus on finding icchadari naag instead.

Rudra transforms into Ruchika and kills Avantika’s makkhi. He transforms into her makkhi bodyguard. He tells her that he knows of a madh hill, and asks if she wants to visit it. He says her powers will increase if she goes there. She says honey is her weakness and she definitely wants to visit. He messages Shivangi to reach the hill soon.

Rocky changes the route. Shivangi gets tensed. Rudra asks Mahismati to go ahead and taste the honey. He says he will follow. Avantika transforms into a makkhi and goes ahead. She suddenly takes a turn and flies back. Rudra falls. Rocky’s car breaks down in the middle of the street. He takes her inside a cottage. She gets worried. She calls Rudra but he doesn’t pick up.

Shivangi gets surprised to see snow fall outside her room. She starts dancing in it. Rocky shouts from the terrace and asks her to remember their old days. He suddenly slips. She gets worried and asks him to carefully come down. As soon as he comes down, she hugs her and scolds him for doing all this. He hugs her and starts getting close. She reminds herself that he is not her true love, he is her mother’s killer. He tells her that this was his surprise. She gets shocked to know that. She thinks that he knew that she was going to mudh hill and that is why he planned all this. She thinks of Rudra.

Avantika tells Rudra that he knows his real identity. A flashback is shown. Vikram is seen fighting with a bee and killing it. Avantika comes to know that he the icchadari naagin who is after her. She messages Yamini to come. Flash back ends. Yamini comes with Ruchika. She asks Rudra to show his true identity. She threatens him and asks Ruchika to kill him. She becomes a naagin. He also transforms into a naag. They start fighting.

Shivangi transforms into a snake and reaches the hill and gets shocked to see Rudra fighting. Ruchika snake pushes Rudra down the hill. Shivangi gets disappointed to find him dead. She transforms into Rudra and goes back. She figths with Ruchika and Mahismati. Yamini reminds them that if they throw her inside the honey hill he will die. They throw them inside. Shivangi gets worried. But then the hill starts turning blue suddenly. Yamini gets scared. She asks for help but till then the bee dies and falls on the ground.ALSO READ: Naagin 2 20th November 2016 Full Episode, Written Update: Rudra saves Shivangi from Yamini and Kapalika’s evil plans