Rudra sees Shesha (Adaa Khan) getting caught in a snake trap and smiles to himself. But she frees herself. Meanwhile, Yamini distracts Shivangi (Mouni Roy) and Uttara hits her on the head so hard that she faints. Rudra and Shesha fight each other. Shesha defeats Rudra and pins him to the ground. She then picks him up and throws him. And then they roll on the ground to fight like snakes. Shesha marches towards him to kill him but he moves and she falls in a pit. It is difficult for Shesha to come out of the enchanted pit. He taunts her. Yamini and Uttara drag Shivangi to pick the naagmani. Just then, the lights turn off and Shivangi disappears.

Shesha traps Rudra in the pit and gets out herself. Avantika’s husband returns and finds Shivangi in front of him in her snake form. She then takes her semi-snake form and they verbally talk about killing each other. Shesha then traps Rudra in a box and calls herself a kaali naagin. Shesha bumps into Rocky (Karanvir Bohra) who tries to open the box but she stops him asking about Shivangi. Enter Yamini, who bumps into Rocky and says that Shivangi left before them and assures him that she will be back soon. (ALSO READ: Naagin 2 19 February 2017, Written Update Of Episode: Yamini is on a mission to find out who naagin is)

He convinces himself to trust her and wonders where she must have gone. Shesha shuts the door behind her and lets Rudra free. Rudra and Shesha make a deal that they will help each other reunite with their love. Rudra warns her saying that he will help her but she can’t hurt Shivangi at all. Rudra tells himself that he loves Shivangi and will do everything he can to protect her. Shivangi and Guruji trap Avantika’s husband so he doesn’t leave after regaining consciousness.

Shivangi and Guruji find out where Rudra is and Guruji tells her that he thinks Shesha has trapped Rudra. Shivangi decides to rescue him. Avantika enters a secret chamber. She opens a large box and feels relieved that the secret of her death is still safe. Shivangi overhears Uttara and Yamini talking about how Shivangi randomly disappeared. Just then, Shivangi enters the room crying and telling her that she left her alone in the place. Yamini lies to her and asks her to rest.

After Shivangi leaves, Uttara tells Yamini that there is something suspicious about Shivangi. Yamini asks her to stay away from Shivangi but she tells her that she feels Shivangi is a naagin. Yamini tells her about Shivanya as Nidhi overhears. She comes inside and drags Yamini to the kitchen. Shivangi apologises to Rocky for being late and he gets mad at her. He tells her that she is taking him for granted and that she doesn’t share anything with him. He then tells her how she ruined his excitement over winning the Entrepreneur Of The Year Award.

Shesha receives a parcel under Shivangi’s name and gets upset when she finds Rocky’s note on it. She decides to swap the sari. Shivangi is in Shesha’s room looking for the box that has Rudra trapped in it. Rudra appears in front of her and tells her everything. Rudra hides when he hears Shesha come and Shesha hides the gift as soon as she sees Shivangi in her room. Shivangi finds Rocky’s gift in her room and promises him that she will wear it in the party. Shivangi decides to not hurt Rocky anymore.

She finds a crop top and skirt and gets nervous. Shesha finds Rudra in her room and threatens him asking him what he was doing with Shivangi. Shesha asks Rudra to give Shivangi some poison and save her to show his love for her. Rudra agrees.