Alia Bhatt is the most in-demand actress in the industry now. She promises not only spunk and youhtfulness to a film but also some unmatched histrionics. No wonder everyone wants to work with her. Even father Mahesh Bhatt is extremely proud of his daughter’s talent. And not only that, he even keeps a tab on the collection of Alia’s films if her recent confession is anything to go by.

Alia was addressing a group of media people when she was asked about films and their budgets. She recoiled and said that she is not a producer, so she shouldn’t be asked these questions. “It really stresses me out. My father also messages me, ‘what is the cost price of this film’. Because he wants to do his calculation ki opening itna ayega. My father and my chachu (Mukesh Bhatt) sit on it.” So is Alia hinting that her family is very clued into how much money her films earn? But wait, that’s not even the shocking part. She added, “I don’t even know how much I charge, I swear!” Well, well well! (Also read: Shraddha Kapoor picked over Alia Bhatt for Aamir Khan’s Thugs Of Hindostan)

Now we know how close Alia is with her father Mahesh Bhatt. But despite all that, she did admit that she doesn’t want her father’s qualities in her husband. “My father is great and I love him, but I don’t want his qualities in my husband. He’s too learned and fabulous as a person. We’ve become friends now and we talk a lot to each other, but one Mahesh Bhatt is enough in my life. I really can’t have two,” Alia had said in an interview to Bombay Times. Now she tells us he even enquiries about her film’s budget and opening. We wonder if he has imparted any box office lessons to her.