Even though Dev Patel starrer Lion, which was up for six Academy Award nomination didn’t win any. Just being nominated among the best of the films is a huge deal in itself. Not just the film, Lion’s lead Dev Patel too was nominated for Best supporting actor at Oscars. Now many wondered why Dev Patel was nominated in the best supporting category, even though he was the face of the film. His face was everywhere on the posters. Well that’s because, a large part of the film featured child actor Sunny Pawar. He carried the film on his small but able shoulders.

So BollywoodLife had an EXCLUSIVE chat with Lion’s lead star, Sunny Pawar. While Dev Patel played adult Saroo in the film, eight-year old Sunny Pawar is the young Saroo. And he had bowled the West over, not just with his performance in the film but his appearance at Golden Globes and at the Oscars.

While chatting with BollywoodLife, what caught our attention was the innocence in the way he answered our questions. He revealed how he got the film, he auditioned among 7000 kids and got the part. He doesn’t know English so used a translator while shooting with director Garth Davis. But not many are aware that while he acted in the same film as Dev Patel, though they don’t share screen space, he is also working alongside Dev Patel’s ex girlfriend Freida Pinto in upcoming Demi Moore starrer Love Sonia. When asked about whom did he enjoyed working more. He replied that it was Dev Patel, he liked working more and not Freida Pinto, as Dev Patel used to play games with him. He also revealed that how he became friends with Dev Patel. He said that initially they weren’t friends but became one from the very next day. This goes on to show that Dev Patel is very good with kids. Also read: Dear Ajay Devgn, Lion star Sunny Pawar is your biggest fan and wants to meet you

Oscar nominee, Lion is the true story of a five-year-old Indian boy who is adopted by an Australian couple after he gets lost in Calcutta. Years later, he struggles with his memories of his birth family, and decides to begin a search for them. Dev Patel stars as the adult Brierley while Sunny Pawar as younger one in this drama directed by Garth Davis. Nicole Kidman, David Wenham, and Rooney Mara are also a part of this film.