A year ago on April 1, popular TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee committed suicide. Her friends and family members accused her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh of mistreating her, which eventually led to her depression. He was arrested for abetment of suicide but was shortly released on bail. Now, Pratyusha’s best friend Kamya Punjabi is all set to release the deceased’s last project as an actress. But the boyfriend is still causing trouble. Apparently, Rahul has got the court to order a stay on the short film that Kamya intends to release on April 1.

The short film titled Hum Kucch Keh Na Sakey is being promoted as a tribute to the late actress. The promo shows that the plot is, ironically, similar to that of Pratyusha’s real turbulent life. Even her boyfriend/husband in the fictional project is named Rahul. So, Rahul has accused Kamya for releasing the film for monetary purpose and to defame him. He reportedly knocked the doors of the court, and obtained a stay order on the short. When India forums contacted him, he had a message. He said, “Kamya, you cannot release the film because your intentions are not right. I never had a problem with you releasing the short film but the way you promoted it was wrong. You can’t just get into somebody’s house and take things away. Beware next time!”

“I have not yet received any such order.” retorted Kamya, when the same publishing house contacted her. Well, in a few hours we will get to know if the news of stay order is true or not.  Also Read: Kamya Punjabi releases the promo of Pratyusha Banerjee’s last short film and it’s gut-wrenching – watch video

Earlier, in a statement to The Times of India, Kamya had said, “Though a work of fiction, it will seem quite similar to what Pratyusha must have gone through. She will be seen heartbroken, resorting to vices like drinking and smoking. As a narrator, I will interlink her reel and real lives, and question viewers on why people change in love and choose to remain silent sufferers. Pratyusha didn’t use glycerin while shooting the emotional scenes. I too was nursing a heartbreak at that time.”