Tanu mocks Pragya (Sriti Jha) by telling her everything about the engagement plan that she has organised with Aaliya. Tanu tells Pragya that tonight is going to be a torture for her. Pragya leaves but Tanu follows her asking why she isn’t talking. She is interrupted up by Abhi (Shabir Ahluwalia) who asks Pragya why she is here so soon. He asks her to cancel all his appointments and focus on the engagement. Before leaving, Tanu asks Pragya to call her when she is getting ready since she wants to help her get ready. Pragya is about to leave to meet Purab but somehow falls into Abhi’s arms wondering why he isn’t able to understand her feelings for him.

Purab comes up with a plan to stop the engagement but Daadi tells him that Aaliya and Tanu won’t even let him blink. Daadi rejects all of Purab’s plans. Just then, Pragya enters in a fix. Daadi asks her to sit and assures her that they will do their best to stop the engagement. She asks her to forget the engagement and think about her marriage with Abhi. Aaliya tells Tanu and Nikhil that they have to be very alert since the other party will try to stop the engagement. Aaliya asks Nikhil to keep an eye on Purab. Mitali overhears their plan and butts in. (ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya 27 January 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Aaliya reveals how she ruined Purab’s plan to delay the engagement)

She asks Aaliya who she can keep an eye on. Aaliya asks Mitali to keep an eye on Daasi. Mitali thanks her for including her in their plan. Purab’s relatives are confused about the engagement and argue about confronting him. Purab sees them and heads over to talk to them. Purab’s Chachi scolds Purab for not even telling them about anyone. They even tell him how rudely Aaliya behaved with them. They start questioning him and he tells them that this is as shocking for him as it to them.

Purab is about to tell them everything but Aaliya butts in to stop him. She is about to take them to meet Abhi when Purab stops her. She takes them away anyway. Sarla and Beeji run into Tanu who mocks them. They have a verbal spat. Sarla takes a dig at Tanu’s character shutting her up. Sarla sees Aaliya and calls her sweetly. She asks her to mind her behaviour but Aaliya gives it back to her and leaves. Abhi sees Nikhil and talks to him. (ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi decides to get Purab and Pragya married but here’s the twist)

Aaliya and Nikhil get shocked when Abhi calls him Tanu’s boyfriend. Abhi gets distracted and Aaliya drags Nikhil aside discussing their plan. Just then, Tanu walks in with Mitali behind her, who is wearing glasses to suit her detective look. Aaliya is confused that everyone is so calm about everything. Tanu tells Aaliya that she has a feeling Pragya might do something to herself. Pragya walks downstaurs in her engagement lehenga and Abhi walks towards her to talk to her.

Abhi tells Pragya that he wants to introduce her to her in-laws. Abhi keeps praising Pragya in front of Purab’s family as Aaliya announces asking everyone to dance. Tanu forces Abhi to dance with her but he tells her that Purab and Pragya should dance together. He gets angry when Pragya says she doesn’t want to but they oblige because of Abhi. Everybody looks at Purab and Pragya uncomfortably. Aaliya then pushes Abhi and Tanu to dance. Mitali drags her husband, too, on the dance floor.

Purab and Pragya are talking about how to stop the engagement and Aaliya purposely pushes Pragya on Purab. While dancing, Aaliya and Pragya exchange partners. Aaliya lands with Purab and Pragya with Abhi. Purab steps on Aaliya’s feet hurting her and Tanu takes her away. Purab tells Pragya that he stepped on Aaliya’s foot because she tried making a move on him. Aaliya tells Tanu that he is just doing this out of frustration since they have given up.

Aaliya then decides to get them engaged sooner and gives the panditji money to get them engaged before the muhurat. She bribes him with more money and he agrees to do it. Pragya is wandering in the kitchen unable to come up with a counter plan and gets zoned out. The pandit tells Abhi that the engagement needs to happen in the next 10 minutes. Abhi then makes an announcement about the engagement. Purab, Daadi and Daasi are in their room worried when Purab apologises to Sarla saying that he is ashamed of everything.

Sarla tells him that she believes him and tells him that they should have listened to her when she said the plan wouldn’t work. She also says that she has a feeling Pragya will somehow stop the engagement. Just then, Mitali walks in to call them. She informs them that Abhi has announced that the muhurat has changed and leaves. Sarla leaves without saying anything. Abhi sees Purab walking towards him and talks about his friendship. He then asks about Pragya and Purab is surprised that she isn’t here.

He volunteers to look for her but Abhi says that he will look for her. Abhi calls for Pragya and she appears. Abhi asks them to start the engagement rituals when Pragya lifts her hand which is bleeding profusely. A worried Abhi panics and attends to her wound but she faints. Aaliya and Tanu frown over their failed plan. Abhi lifts Pragya and takes her to the hospital.