Aaliya mocks Daadi, Purab and Pragya (Sriti Jha) telling them how she found out about Purab’s plan to cancel the engagement. She tells them that she let her spies loose on Purab which is how she found out about his plan. She then tells them how she made a guy book the tickets. After mocking them, Aaliya and Tanu leave the room. Pragya reaches home and tells Sarla everything that happened. Sarla then asks her to sit and asks what is bothering her. Pragya talks about how helpless she is feeling at the moment. Sarla asks her to stay strong when Pragya tells her that she is tired of watching her dreams shatter all the time.

Sarla consoles her and tells her that she believes in her. She also gives examples from Ramayana and motivates Pragya to not lose hope. Abhi (Shabir Ahluwalia) dreams about Pragya and wakes up. He drinks a glass of water and wonders why he is so disturbed. Tanu enters his room asking if he called her and he blurts Pragya’s name by mistake. He tells her that he is getting a feeling that someone he loves is going away from him. Tanu volunteers to sleep next to him and he tells her that they can’t sleep in the same room unless they get married. (ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya 24 January 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Abhi finds out about Nikhil and his relationship with Tanu)

He rudely asks her to leave the room as Abhi wonders why he feels so worried every time he thinks about marrying Tanu. In the morning, Aaliya asks Purab to help her with the arrangements and just as he is about to give it back to her, Abhi enters. Aaliya makes a move on Purab while he is forced to help her decorate. Abhi mutters to Purab that maybe Aaliya still likes him. Aaliya overhears the entire thing as Abhi leaves. Purab and Aaliya then taunt each other and he walks away.

Aaliya thinks to herself that in the end, she is going to end up with him. In the morning, Sarla gets coffee for Pragya and motivates her as she feels very directionless. Pragya feels awkward looking at all the decorations in the house and Tanu stops her to mock her.