Abhi (Shabir Ahluwalia) asks Pragya (Sriti Jha) what’s so special about the sherwani that she got and she tells him that she will reveal it later. Tanu reminds Aaliya that the sherwani Pragya got is what Abhi wore at his wedding. Aaliya tells her that Pragya is just digging her own grave. Pragya tells Abhi that he might even remember something after wearing it. Abhi agrees to try it on. Daadi looks on and feels nice when Mitali asks her what happened. Daadi gets emotional and tells her that someone is going to remember something. Abhi goes to try the sherwani on and Aaliya comes to taunt her. Tanu also taunts her. They are confident that Abhi will never remember anything.

Abhi wonders why Pragya said that the sherwani has a lot of memories and feels dizzy suddenly. He wonders if he had worn it in front of her before. He gets a flashback of his marriage again and he sits down. As he tries to get up, he falls and calls her. Pragya rushes to see him as Aaliya and Tanu wonder why she suddenly ran. They suddenly get scared and go to his bedroom. All family members gather in his room and he says that he is not feeling well. He tells them what he felt after he wore the sherwani. (ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya 24 February 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Tanu finds Abhi and Pragya in the bathroom)

He asks her to stay with him and she tells him that she will never leave him. She asks him to rest and he passes out. Purab calls the doctor immediately. The doctor checks Abhi and says that he is fine now. Everyone leaves the rom except Pragya, who stays with him taking care of him. She leaves after some time and they keep Abhi’s sherwani next to him. Pragya tells Daadi and others that he is asleep now. The doctor tells Pragya that Abhi got an attack since he got flashbacks of his past.

Aaliya and Tanu sneakily overhear the doctor asking Pragya to not make any more attempts to get bring his memory back. Purab tells the doctor that it’s important that Abhi gets his memory back soon. The doctor tells them that Abhi’s life is more important and they shouldn’t try to make him remember things. Aaliya and Tanu smile at each other after finding out. Pragya is heartbroken and Daadi tries to motivate her. Aaliya and Tanu eavesdrop at their conversation.

Pragya breaks down and expresses her feelings to Daadi. Purab tells her that she at least has a reason to live, he lost everything after Bulbul’s death. He promises her that he will make sure Abhi and Pragya end up together. Aaliya and Tanu fight in their room. Tanu taunts Aaliya for not saying anything when Purab was making promises. Aaliya asks her to brush it off. Tanu asks her to stop him but she adds that Aaliya won’t do anything sine she loves him. Tanu threatens to kill Purab and Aaliya warns her to not harm Purab.

They bicker about it for some time and Tanu storms out of the room. Tanu has decided to to do something about Purab once and for all. Abhi wakes up with a headache and feels uncomfortable. He turns on the TV and sees a wedding which reminds him of his own yet again. He wonders if he was married to Pragya before and if she wants to remind him.