Abhi (Shabir Ahluwalia) asks Pragya (Sriti Jha) to come outside and she asks him to wait. Just then, she screams as a pin on the back hurts her. Abhi asks her to open the door and she does. He enters the room worried and asks her to show where it hurt. He sees a tiny scratch and panics asking if she has any first aid kid. They start bickering for some time. He then blows her back on the wound before he realises that he is crossing limits. He tells her that he can’t see her in pain and she asks why. When he says he doesn’t why, she almost tells him that because she is his wife but stops midway and says best friend.

Abhi and Pragya share a cute moment as he checks her out in the lehenga. He then hits on her and tells her that she is looking very beautiful. He then takes her lip liner and draws a bindi on her forehead. He also takes her dupatta and puts it on her head to make her look like a bride. He compliments her as she keeps staring at him. They look at the mirror and says that Daadi would have been so happy. She asks him if he wouldn’t have been happy and he hesitantly tells her that he is happy both her best friends are marrying each other. (ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya 24 January 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Abhi finds out about Nikhil and his relationship with Tanu)

They are both thinking about how much they love each other. Aaliya and Tanu are looking for Abhi-Pragya as they start bickering with each other. Aaliya calls Abhi only to find out that he is inside the ladies trial room with Pragya. They come out of the trial room as Aaliya angrily asks him what he was doing with her inside the trial room. Abhi says that he wasn’t doing anything as Pragya smiles. Abhi makes up some excuse as Tanu keeps asking more questions.

Abhi gives in and tells them that he just wanted to see how she looked in the dress he chose for her. Tanu loses her cool as Abhi keeps praising Pragya and flirting with her. Tanu asks him if he was also trying clothes with her inside and he tells them that he went inside the room to show her the jacket. In excitement, Abhi blurts out that it looks like it’s his engagement with Pragya the next day. Abhi also adds that he is going to make Pragya his designer also and clears that he was joking when Tanu scolds him.

Abhi leaves to change his clothes and Pragya taunts Aaliya-Tanu. Mitali tells her mother-in-law that she has a feeling something huge is about to happen. The entire family is in the living room waiting for Abhi and everyone else. Abhi enters with everyone talking about how tedious shopping is. He then tells Purab that he has another surprise for him. He gives Purab an outfit that he chose for his engagement. Abhi keeps interrupting Purab as he tries to tell something. Purab then loses his cool and screams at him. Abhi is shocked with his behaviour and asks him what’s wrong. Purab tells him that he has decided to not go ahead with the engagement.