Nikhil sees Janki-Mitali and hides but they catch Nikhil. But they don’t recognise him and leave since Daadi calls them. Nikhil grabs the opportunity and walks towards Purab’s room to kill him. The family is all set to eat and Daadi-Daasi start teasing Abhi (Shabir Ahluwalia)-Pragya (Sriti Jha). Daadi tells Daasi how Pragya fooled Abhi and they laugh. Nikhil reaches Purab’s room and locks the door behind him. He takes out the knife to stab Purab and stands there talking to him about his plan to kill him. Just as he is about to stab Purab, he wakes up and stops Nikhil. He tells Nikhil that they have placed a CCTV camera in the room and attacks Nikhil.

The entire family sees what’s happening in the room and panic. They rush to Purab’s room as soon as they see it. Nikhil manages to hut Purab on the head with a candlestick and then is about to stab him. Tanu panics thinking about the consequences. Purab and Nikhil are fighting. Nikhil wonders how to escape and opens the door to run away. But he gets caught by Abhi and the family. Nikhil tries to stab Abhi but he pushes Nikhil down the stairs. The family then hold Nikhil as Abhi interrogates him asking him who he is andwhy he tried to kill Purab. (ALSO READ: When Kumkum Bhagya, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ruined our favorite Bollywood songs for us – watch videos)

Aaliya sees the panic on Tanu’s face and figures that this was Tanu’s plan. Tanu is panicking about the consequences. Abhi tries to stab Nikhil but Pragya stops him. Pragya then asks Nikhil who he is and what his intentions were. Abhi then finds out that Nikhil was the one who tried to kill Purab in an accident. Pragya then tells Abhi how Daasi had overheard two people talking about it. She then tells Abhi how Purab gained consciousness after falling from the wheelchair. She also tells him that the person involved hates both Pragya and Abhi.

Pragya also talks about how the CCTV idea was Purab’s plan. Abhi gets mad at Pragya for not informing him but Purab gets up and tells him that this was not Pragya’s fault. Abhi and Purab share an emotional moment. Tanu signals Nikhil to run away as the family is distracted with Abhi and Purab’s mushiness. But they get back to Nikhil again. Abhi slaps Nikhil asking him who is the lady helping him. Nikhil decides to get beaten up rather than saying anything.

Abhi then asks Tanu to get soap and water so they can clean his face and find out who he is. Tanu stands there panicking but obliges. Abhi threatens to put Nikhil behind the bars.