Sona (Erica Fernandes) takes Bejoy and Asha to their old house. Bejoy refuses to go inside the house but Asha urges him to go inside and relive old memories. He still stubbornly refuses to go inside saying that the new owners of the house might not like it. Their maid then opens the door to welcome and Bejoy is shocked to see her. She tells them that Sona fired her from her job which is why she took up a job in this house. They enter the house and Bejoy tells them that they should leave before the owners come. Bejoy and Asha get emotional when Sona tells them that she has bought the house as promised and no one can throw them out of the house now.

Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) enters the office and sees the watchman guarding outside Sona’s space. He scolds watchman and dismisses him from work. He then gets into Sona’s office and flirts with Paromeeta. Paro falls for his charm. She asks about his divorce with Sona when Dev says it is not easy to handle him, disconnects incoming call and asks her to be free for him during evenings. (ALSO READ: Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27 January 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Vicky plans to use Elena to acquire Dev’s property and make Sona leave forever)

Sona gives them the keys and tells them that they are standing in their own house and nobody can throw them out now. Bejoy hugs her. Asha asks maid Gunni to get kitchen items out, she wants to fill grocery. Sona says she will leave back to office now. Sona reaches office to see Dev standing with a hammer and a few labourers. He says that he cannot handle the partition in his space and hits Sona’s nameplate so hard that it falls.

Sona screams at him and recollects asking her employee to add her maiden name and surname in the nameplate. Dev tells her that the first injury pains a lot and gives hammer to labourers to break partition wall. Sona’s employees try to stop them as Sona stands there angrily. Dev stops labourers and asks if she is in shock. Sona says this time he will be behind the bars and he will not be able to remove it. Meanwhile. Golu goes to Ishwari’s room. Ishwari asks to come in. Golu says his watch alarm rang and it is a sign. Before she could respond to it, Radha comes with Elena and asks Golu to go to his room and play.

Dev jokes that he is afraid of Sona’s anger. Sona says he will be punished this time. Dev asks to look behind and shows police and lawyer and says he thinks way ahead. Lawyer says building this partition wall is against fire safety norms and his department employees are breaking wall and she cannot stop them. Dev thanks him for coming. He says it is his duty. Dev says it is not enough to open a startup, one needs contacts also.

Dev continues to humiliate Sona and reminds how he snatched trophy from her. She says she does not care, she does not need validation from him, he does business on ego and she is not like that. Bejoy enters. Dev says Sona that she did not change in so many years and is still same. Lawyer says that Dev has filed case for illegal construction and she may have to pay heavy penalty. Sona says she is ready to pay penalty and accept her mistake, but some people are spineless and don’t accept their mistake.

Radha asks Elena to go and speak to Sona and ask her to vacate office. Elena tells Radha that she forced her to breakup with her family 7 years ago and now she is forcing her to correct Vicky’s mistake. She refuses to do it. Radha scolds her further but Elena leaves the room. Ishwari tells Radha that Elena is right.

Sona apologises to her employees for the trouble they faced. Employees say it is okay and that they are with her. Lawyer says he will send dates to her. Dev says he will take back case as he was worried about employee safety. Sona says she will go to case hearing and win. Dev says she can go to court alone as he is taking back case and disperses staff. Sona picks the nameplate from the floor.

Dev tells her that it’s a good nameplate but she might have to take it back home. Sona gives it back to him by telling him that his real problem is that he cannot digest Sona’s success. She also tells him that he just acted like this because she wrote Sonakshi Bejoy Bose instead of Sonakshi Dev Dixit on the nameplate. She tells him that he is just angry that his ex-wife is equal to her, so the spineless man that he is took this heinous step. Dev fumes in anger. Sona tells him that his male ego is hurt by her success. Bejoy smiles standing behind.