Sonakshi (Erica Fernandes) shouts on seeing Dev (Shaheer Sheikh). Bijoy, Asha and Sourabh get scared and ask her to open the door. Dev puts his hand on her mouth and asks her not to tell her father that she is with him. She lies to Bijoy and says she just saw a rat. Bijoy leaves. Sona shouts on Dev for touching her. He says she looks like an aunty and he has no interest in touching her. Sona gets irritated.

Dev asks Sourabh to come on a jog with him. Sourabh calls him ‘jijaji’ by mistake. Dev says he can call him his physical trainer or just Dev. Asha asks Dev to not take him out for physical training until sangeet as he has never done all this before.

Sona comes down dressed in her best outfit. Dev gets dumbfound to see her. He gets shocked to see all non-vegetarian dishes on the table. Asha gets shocked and says she asked her servant to cook something vegetarian for him but maybe he forgot. She asks Bijoy if he asked her to cook all this. Bijoy says this is a Bengali house and guests are served non-veg here. He says he didn’t know that Dev doesn’t eat non-vegetarian food.

Golu comes there and hugs Dev. Everyone gets surprised to see him. Dev asks how did he come here. Ishwari (Supriya Pilgaonkar) says she brought him here. She tells him that he didn’t sleep the entire night and was insisting to see him that is why she brought him here. Dev asks what is in her hand. She says she has brought lunch for him and Suhana. Dev gets happy to see it and shows it to Bijoy. Asha and Sourabh introduce themselves to Golu. Golu gets happy to meet his relatives. Sona asks if he really didn’t sleep in Dev’s absence. She tells him that he can come here and stay with them anytime. She assures him that Dev will tell him bed time stories on the phone.

Everyone sits down to have lunch. Bijoy whispers in Asha’s ear and says, ‘Bete ke saath Maa aur Bhateeja muft’. Dev gets furious to hear that and asks Golu to leave. Golu says he has just come. Dev says he will meet him some other time and takes Ishwari and Golu to the gate. Sonakshi tells Bijoy that he should not have said that about Ishwari.

Dev folds his hands in anger and apologizes to Bijoy on Ishwari’s behalf that she came here without informing. He says he expects that the same rules will be followed when Sona will come to Dixit house. He says no one from Bose family will be allowed to come to his house.

Ishwari comes back. Radha asks if everything is fine. Ishwari tells them that Dev asked her to leave the house. Radha and Vicky say that Dev misbehaved with her because of Sonakshi and her family. They say that they might have blackmailed him to insult her. Vicky asks Ishwari if she wants him to file a case against them in the court. He says he can get Suhana’s custody. Ishwari says she doesn’t want to create more problems for Dev.

Asha apologizes to Dev on Bijoy’s behalf. Dev says it was not her fault and that is why there is no need for her to apologize. Asha says Bijoy just couldn’t control his anger. Dev asks Asha how does she tolerate him. She gets upset. He apologizes to her and says he didn’t mean to hurt her. Sona hears everything and decides to scold Dev. Asha stops Sona and asks her to tell her everything she wants to tell Dev. Sona asks how can he say such things about her parents. She says she never asked how can his mother be so insecure and how can his aunt be so evil then how can he pass comments on her father. Sona says Bijoy is a perfect father, husband and son. Asha says only she has the right to decide how good is Bijoy as a husband. She explains to her that Dev reacted in this way because Bijoy instigated him. She asks her to remain cordial with Dev for Suhana’s sake. ALSO READ: Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 28 March 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Dev gives a head-message to Sona