Ishwari (Supriya Pilgaonkar) talks Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) into leaving the office but he tells her that he is emotionally attached to the place. He clarifies again that he has no feelings for Sona and despite Ishwari’s requests, he sticks to his decision. Bejoy tells Asha that a publishing house is ready to publish her novel and encourages her. Asha calls Sona (Erica Fernandes) immediately to give her the news. Bejoy also adds saying that he is learning how to cook. Sona tells Bejoy and Asha about the office, requesting them to not freak out. She tells them that she found out about it after signing the deal and she doesn’t want to let go off the property since it’s good for the business.

After hanging up, Bejoy gets furious but Asha calms him down. Suhana comes home and tells Sona about how she handled Golu. Meanwhile, Golu asks Dev to come to school tomorrow and teach Suhana a lesson. Dev enters the office to find Sona stand on a table and instruct people to set the place. She sees Dev and gets down to talk to him. She gives him a possession letter so they don’t have to face any problems later. Radha is grieving about what Vicky did as Golu laughs at her. (ALSO READ: Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25 January 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Dev blames Ishwari and Sona for his changed behaviour)

She sees Ishwari and tries justifying what Vicky did. Ishwari says that Vicky’s decision is just going to lead to a catastrophe and if something horrible happens, she will never forgive Vicky. Sona tells an employee that she wants ‘Dr. Sonakshi Bejoy Bose’ on the nameplate and Dev drops a cup of tea listening to it. He goes to his cabin and reminisces about their bitter fight seven years back. Just then, Vicky enters the cabin complaining about Sona making a divider in the office. Dev lashes out at him and asks him to get out.

Dev tells Vicky that if he manages to make Sona leave the office, he will transfer the company to Vicky’s name. Bejoy calls Sona and tells her that they landed in Delhi to surprise her. Sona is shocked to hear it and she asks them to wait where they are. She tells them that she will pick them up. Vicky calls Radha to tell her that he will use Elena to solve this problem. Sona is talking about her parents to an employee and bumps into Dev when she turns. Dev starts flirting with her employee in front of her. Sona butts in and asks her to finish her work right away. She is about to leave as Dev flirts with her again.