Sona (Erica Fernandes) and Bejoy have a heated argument about Dev (Shaheer Sheikh). Ishwari (Supriya Pilgaonkar) asks Dev how he will handle Suhana when Dev tells her that Sona has handled the situation. Bejoy says that he will not let Sona and Dev ruin Suhana’s life. Ishwari asks Dev when he will bring Suhana home again and Dev promises to bring her home the next day. Asha tries explaining things to Bejoy but he refuses to listen to her. Sona sees Suhana pack her bags and is upset. Sona discusses Bejoy’s irrational behaviour with Asha and she tries to pacify her. Asha tells her that Suhana might come back herself after a few days.

Sourabh talks to Ronita about the situations at home. Sona also tries to explain to Bejoy about him supporting Suhana and tells him that she will not hide anything from Dev. Sona tells him that if she tells Dev everything, he also can’t stop Dev. She calls Dev but he is fast asleep so he doesn’t answer the call. Ronita tries to explain things to Sourabh who suggests that they could postpone the Aashirwaad ceremony. They come to a mutual decision. In the morning, Suhana wakes up and tells Sona that she has to leave soon. (ALSO READ: Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22 March 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Suhana decides to go back to Kolkata)

Suhana then gives Sona a doll and asks her to remember her by it. Dev leaves in the morning to meet Suhana. Bejoy and Suhana bid farewell to the family and get in the car. Suhana asks Sona to not cry and bid farewell to Dev on her behalf. After they leave, Dev reaches home asking for Suhana. Sona looks at him teary eyed and tells him that Suhana left for Kolkata. Dev tells Sona that they will do everything that Suhana wants since he loves his daughter a lot. Sona agrees. They leave on the bike and stop right in front of the car that Bejoy, Suhana and everyone is in.

Meanwhile, Radha and Ishwari see Sona and Dev on the bike. They get very confused and decide to follow them but get stuck in traffic. Suhana gets out of the car to greet Dev. The Dixit and Bose family are all gathered at the same location. Dev tells Suhana that her parents will stay together if she wants but she can never leave them. Both their families are not happy with the decision. Ishwari tries to talk Dev into changing his decision and gets into a verbal spat with Bejoy.

Dev and Sona tell everyone that it’s their mutual decision for their daughter’s happiness. Asha tells Ishwari and Bejoy that they can’t take decisions on behalf of Dev and Sona. She tells them that she supports Dev and Sona’s decision and they have every right to make a decision for their kids.