A wedding in the stunning Himalayas, in a temple where Lord Shiva apparently married his consort, Parvati with snowflakes all around…Kavita Kaushik has given us wedding goals like none other. TV’s Chandramukhi Chautala married her best friend of many years, Ronnit Biswas in a Hindu ceremony at the fabled Triyuginarayan Temple of Uttarakhand. She was accompanied by best friend Aashka Goradia and her fiance, Brent Goble. The bride’s entourage had around 15 people. They wore coats, gloves and socks to ward off the chill but married in what would be a memorable ceremony. Check out these pics and videos…

When the sky showers love on ur wedding day ❤🙏🏼

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The skies indeed showered love on the couple when it started snowing. The video tells you what a stunning moment it was. We can see the temple of Triyuginarayan in the backdrop with the snow falling on the homes that dot the terraced lands. (Also Read: Kavita Kaushik had the perfect winter wedding at Kedarnath – view pics) 

When it snows for ur wedding u know ur blessed 🙏🏼 thank you Papa ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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They kept their wedding simple but we are sure no amount of tam-jham can beat the excitement of this. Kavita is walking under the traditional phoolon ka chadar with the snow falling on the marriage party. Most surreal wedding ever!


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She wore a red Benarasi saree with gold jewellery. Kavita is looking so resplendent and her happiness reflects in this cute and naughty video.

My chota rocket @aashkagoradia u planned n executed this n picked me up , sorry that these 6 footers covered u but hey baby I see u n love u my dhokli 😘😘

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Wedding fun high up on the hills. Kavita has thanked Aashka Goradia for all the fun.

You came into my friend’s life and made all our lives happier @peaceofblue , what would we do without u Brent , you’ve captured all in your pictures what l missed to see n experience throughout the wedding , you’ve given us a lifetime of great memories through your lens , I love you my gora brother ur a sweet work of god 😬❤️😘

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She has a phone in her hand n I’ve a fan on my head ! That makes no sense… but with us together it all makes perfect sense ! Dhokli ur a complete doll @aashkagoradia

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In the most divine n spectacular places too Ur arms is where I want to be ❤ hey husband you gave meaning to my life , you put soul into my being . @ronnit0507 ur my man in this life and any other if I were to live again 🙏🏼 #husband #wife #shaadi #partners #companions #shiv #parvati #trijuginarayan #allinone #bestfriend

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That moment when you are blessed by the #BRIDE, to be the #NEXT @ikavitakaushik @ronnit0507 #thankyou Watch out @peaceofblue you are next!!

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Kavita just wore the kaleras to drop them on the head of her best friend, Aashka. She wants Brent and her to get married as soon as possible.

The woman who makes my life ‘Complete’ in every way. The most fulfilling moment of my life is when I took you to be my wife @ikavitakaushik ! Nothing can be more perfect my love #KK #shivparvati #love #kavron #shaadi #triyuginarayan #himalayas #kedarnath Thank you for all the love ❤️

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In an exclusive, Kavita told us that she wanted to marry Ronnit in the Himalayas as the couple were great devotees of Lord Shiva. Even her late father was a huge Shiv bhakt. The lady said that Ronnit was a great source of support during her worst phase post the demise of her dad. Stay tuned to Bollywood Life for more updates….