The temple lady tries to convince Rishi (Ssharad Malhotra) to accept Tanuja’s (Kratika Sengar) love but he blames himself for the state of his family. Rishi tells the temple lady that every time his love just hurt his family. Rano proudly sees Rishi take her side. The temple lady tells him that she will make sure that Rishi sees the truth today and Rano asks him to throw her out of the house. They take Rano inside and she tells Rishi that Tanuja now knows everything about her past. Yuvraj and Manpreet drag the temple lady out of the house. Rishi is stunned to hear everything and turns to look at Ahana.

Manpreet tells Rishi that the temple lady is crazy and Yuvraj assures her that she won’t bother them anymore. Rishi is still looking at Ahana in shock. The temple lady is looking for Tanuja in the temple and wonders where she left. Tanuja is just randomly walking in the market feeling dizzy. She is dizzy since she hasn’t had food nor has the money to buy food. One of the vendors accuses Tanuja of stealing food when a random lady supports her saying that she is her daughter. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 27 January 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: The temple lady tries to find loopholes in Rishi and Tanuja’s stars)

Tanuja faints and the lady takes her home. She wakes up in the lady’s house and wonders where she is. The lady gets some soup for her and tells her that she called an homeopathic doctor to check on her. The doctor told her that Tanuja is weak and she hasn’t eaten anything for the past two days. The lady behaves very nicely to Tanuja. Rishi gets some soup for Rano and Raaj also enters with some flowers for her. Rano tells her that she wants Rishi to remarry.

The lady tells Tanuja that she runs an NGO that works for helpless women. She asks Tanuja why she is homeless and she tells her that she is running away from love. Tanuja tells her that she wants to leave the city and the lady assures her that she will help her before leaving the room. Rano says that Rishi’s marriage has become a joke and she tells Rishi that she is scared of Tanuja. She talks about how Rishi will fall for her words and accept her again. The lady talks to someone on the phone about Tanuja and puts a price on her.

Rishi assures Rano that Tanuja will never enter his life again after what she has done. Rano asks him to forget Tanuja and he tells her that he cannot forget her. Tanuja is thinking about Rishi and their fate. Rishi assures Rano that he will never get Tanuja back in his life but he cannot forget her or stop being in love with her. He tells her that he cannot remarry since marriage has always worked against him.

Tanuja continues crying over her fate and decides to move on in life. Tanuja then overhears the lady tell someone on the phone that she has sold Tanuja. She gets shocked to hear this and accidentally drops something. The lady hangs up immediately and smiles at Tanuja.