Tanuja (Kratika Sengar) drops the bowl in the kitchen after hearing what Rano had said. Ahana asks her what happened and she keeps saying that everything is broken. Ahana senses something is wrong. Rishi (Ssharad Malhotra) sees Netra in Rano’s room and they have an awkward moment. They keep apologising to each other. Rishi also offers to help her with fashion designing. Rishi leaves to meet Rano. Raaj asks Ahana about breakfast and goes to talk to her. Rishi signals Tanuja that he is going to talk to Rano but Tanuja walks away angrily. Rishi is confused with her reaction and figures that she just wants him to speak to Rano first.

Rishi goes outside and sees Rano stand. He is happy to see her recover and they share a lovely moment together. Rishi tries to talk about Tanuja but Rano keeps going on and on about Netra. She then announces that she wants Netra to marry him. Rishi is shocked to hear this and tells her that he can’t do it. He asks her to let him and Tanuja be happy with each other. They have a fight and Rishi stubbornly decides that he will live his life only with Tanuja. He asks her to stop all the drama now and leaves. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 27 February 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Rishi to tell Rano that he will never leave Tanuja)

Rano decides that she will never let Tanuja become her daughter-in-law. Netra bumps into Rishi, who tells her that he loves Tanuja, who sees them talk and wonders what he whispered in her ear. Rishi then walks towards Tanuja and asks her why she is so tensed. Tanuja points towards Netra and Rishi tells her that Rano was asking him if she is a nice girl. Tanuja tells him that Rano has chosen her for him and he says that she is a nice girl, just to trouble her.

Tanuja gets worried and Rishi starts laughing. She starts hitting him and pulls her closer. He tells her that he is never going to leave her no matter what happens. He flirts with her and she bickers with him. Just then, Raaj calls Rishi and he leaves immediately. Raaj shows Rishi a newspaper article about a loss in his business. Rishi scolds Yuvraj for being so careless since he was handling that section. Yuvraj blames Rishi for being so involved in his personal life. Rishi then asks him to forward all mails to him and that he’ll take over.

Divya angrily follows Yuvraj to their room. She boosts his male ego by telling him how badly Rishi talks to him. Divya stresses that Rishi wouldn’t have behaved this way if it was Manpreet. She also tells him that they treat him this way because he is adopted. Yuvraj asks her to never repeat what she said and leaves. Rishi checks all emails and messages in front of the family members. Just then, Manpreet comes and gives them the name of the person they must talk to. He apologises to Yuvraj for scolding him and decides to call the person.

Tanuja then suggests that someone from the family should go to meet this guy in person. Rano scolds her but Rishi takes her advice.