Rano is shocked to see Rishi (Ssharad Malhotra) come home with Tanuja (Kratika Sengar). He takes her to her room in the outhouse and she holds his hand so he doesn’t leave. He promises her that he will tell the family members how much he loves her. Ahana overhears and expresses her happiness. Rishi blushes and leaves. Rishi and Tanuja start dancing to a romantic number in their respective rooms. Manpreet catches Rishi dancing and starts teasing him. Manpreet assures him that Rano will accept their relationship soon and Beeji also joins the conversation. Beeji tells them that she is very happy to see Rishi and Manpreet so happy after such a long time.

In the morning, Rishi tries to kick Tanuja but ends up kicking Manpreet instead. Manpreet passes a comment on Ahana’s weight and she steps on his foot. Beeji teases Ahana and all of them are suddenly quiet when Rano enters. She stops Tanuja from serving her breakfast and asks Divya to do it instead. Manpreet tells Rano that Rishi wants to talk to her about Tanuja. Just as he is about to say something, a woman calls Rano. Turns out it’s a Netra who Rano is very happy to see. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 24 February 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Rishi and Tanuja decide to convince Rano to accept them)

Rano introduces Netra to everyone in the house but excludes Tanuja. When Netra asks, she just introduces Tanuja by her name but doesn’t give away any more details. Turns out Netra is a fashion designing student and will be staying with the Bedis till she finds an apartment. The butler helps Netra to her room and Raaj asks Tanuja to get some tea and breakfast for him. Seeing that Rano is in a good mood, Rishi decides to talk to Rano about Tanuja. Rishi and Tanuja flirt with each other in the kitchen.

She screams at him for being such a wimp in front of Rano. Beeji teases Rishi after Tanuja leaves and asks him to talk to Rano asap. Divya tells Rano that Raaj asked Tanuja to get breakfast for him. Rano tells her that she knows everything and that she has called Netra especially to get married to Rishi. Tanuja overhears their conversation.