Rishi (Ssharad Malhotra) reads Tanuja’s (Kratika Sengar) letter that she is leaving his life and his house. She also writes that she is alone since her mother left but Rishi’s mother is alive and he should be with her. She doesn’t want to come between their relations as she is aware already if she stays for a few more days, he would want her to stay. He won’t be able to decide whose side he should take, but he must not forget her. This letter is their last conversation, she is taking him along in his memories and heart. She loves him enough for this life time and she is thankful for him to take her into his life. Rishi breaks down reading the letter.

Meanwhile, Tanuja gets a flashback of her past life and finds out everything about her life with Rishi. She also finds out that she is Tanu’s reincarnated version. The temple lady talks to Tanuja about her previous birth and their moments together flash in front of Tanuja’s eyes. An excited Tanuja starts dancing with the temple lady who is equally happy that Tanuja finally realised the purpose of her existence. The temple lady says that Tanuja’s love is really strong, but she read her birth chart which reveals why they aren’t together despite their love for each other. She got the answers from her birth chart. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 20 January 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Rishi blames Tanuja for Rano’s condition)

The lady says it’s something that cannot be understood, it is a story of true love. It’s a story with hurdle at each turn of their life. Tanuja has been granted a new life for Rishi but she doesn’t belong with Rishi. A disheartened Tanuja questions the Goddess about her fate. Meanwhile, Rishi hears the temple bells in his room and is not able to sleep. He calls Tanuja to stop these bells, as there is no temple around. Suddenly Tanu’s picture falls and breaks.

Rishi goes to pick it up, but hurts his finger on a piece of glass. He wonders what this means. The lady tells Tanuja that true love has a single demand that is sacrifice. There would always be a destruction in his life whenever she becomes his wife. Everyone read Rishi’s birth chart, but no one has studied Rishi’s life. It states that she would be his shield whenever he is in trouble, she will always be his shield but whenever she would enter his life, his life would shatter.